Fix Adjustment Program for Epson PM250 PM270 PM215 PM210 and PM G800

Adjustment Program for Epson PM250, PM270, PM215, PM210 and PM-G800

 FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error"

All the free resetter or adjustment program you need to reset or repair the protection counter of your Epson Picture Mate printer. 

You can download the software from download link below:

Download Adjustment Program Epson PM270/ Epson Picture Mate 270
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM250/ Epson Picture Mate 250
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM215/ Epson Picture Mate 215
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM210/ Epson Picture Mate 210
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM-G800/ Epson Picture Mate D800

Instruction Procedure to run the resetter:
Step 1:Open the zip file and locate adjprog.exe and run by double click.

Step 2:click to Accept -> Select Model, Destination, port of your printer.

Step 3:Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.

Step 4:Select "consumables maintainance counter" under maintainance and click ok.

NOTE : You have to replace waste ink pad with new one once you initialize
the protection counter.Otherwise ink can overflow from your printer.

Step 5: Click [Check] button to check current protection counter.

Step 6: Replace waste ink pad with new one.

Step 7: Click [Initialization] to reset current protection counter to "Zero".

Step 8:Click Finish and power off the printer.

Step 9:Power on the printer and your printer is ready to print again.

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