Xerox XC1044 XC 1044

The Xerox XC1044 / XC 1044 is a great machine which includes fax, scanner, copier and printer. The advanced technology used in the manufacturing of this amazing machine enables it to work fast and produce consistent quality work. The printer is just superb with its highly accurate color application technique. The colors look real and the black and white is also very crisp. The ink never spreads and the machine is very rarely reported to experience any paper jamming problems.

Its cartridges are installed beforehand and are easy to replace if they are needed to be replaced. These cartridges do not require any expert to fix them and have them reinstalled. The single cartridge system allows great quality of work and eases in use and set up.

The machine offers a fax which works at a speed of 33.6 kbps with its technology of super G3. This fax machine even carries a fax toll saver and toner mode which results in reduction of call costs. The single front sheet has the capacity to accommodate about 1000 sheets while the multipurpose tray has also been attached at the side which can hold various media types such as greeting cards, plain cards, plain pages, and so on. This multipurpose tray can hold 550 sheets.

The machine has a connectivity of the highest level with its USB support and even Bluetooth, which is optional. It even has security in mind, by allowing administrators to set passwords, control access and protect data. Its use is very simple and it is even elegant in its build. This compact machine can be easily fitted in all environments and even on desks. The machine hardly makes a noise when in standby mode however it is not completely noise free and may produce a little noise when in use for more than an hour at a stretch.

Its speed is commendable as it prints black and white at a speed of 51 pages per minute and 35 pages per minute for color prints. The copier is equally fast with the ability to copy 51 pages per minute, both black and white and colored. Fax transmission and scanning is also speedy which in turn saves time and energy for those who use the printer.

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