HP LaserJet 1022

The HP LaserJet 1022 is a solid local printer for the single user or small office. Its USB only and needs a host computer to work from, so isnt a workhorse, but is a very reliable printer than produces good quality prints every time.

Its a small device, measuring only 14.6" x 14 x 10" and weighing in at 12 pounds so can easily fit onto a desk. Its quite quiet too so wont spoil your concentration if its sitting near you.

It comes in three varieties, the 1022, which is the base model with 8Mb RAM, USB and the basic options. The 1022n comes with networking, and the 1022nw adds wireless to the equation. So even though its a basic printer, it still has options if you need them. I have the 1022n with networking. Even though it attaches to my router, its still a host based printer, so my PC has to do most of the work. It uses the PC processor and memory to create the print template for it to output. This lessens the load on the printer by making the PC do all the work. This means the printer doesnt have its own processor, and just enough RAM to pool the print queue, but nothing else.

Thats fine for a smaller situation like mine though, and the print quality easily makes up for any shortfalls in hardware. At 18 pages per minute the printer is quick enough. The print quality is also a highlight of the 1022, with sharp edges, good tone and enough contrast between black and white to make the text stand out really well. Photos are pretty good too, especially as this is a laser. The grayscale does a good job of translating color and makes a photo seem realistic even though its in black and white.

The printer is cheap to run too. I dont print a great deal, and while this printer has a duty cycle of 8000 pages a month I dont go anywhere near that. Toners are easy to manage as its a single cartridge, and at $29 for one that can do 2000 pages, it isnt bad. There is also a high yield one for an extra $7 which can cope with 3000.

The HP LaserJet 1022 is a great little machine. Its got a lot of heart for such a small body, and hasnt let me down yet.

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