Epson TM P60 Owner Manual

 Epson TM P60 Owner Manual
Based on Epson's largest selling thermal printer, the TM-T88 and with an industry-leading 12 hour battery ball game and, the TM-P60 provides continuous thermal printing on the experiment throughout an plenary shift without a recharge. It also supports write down widths up to 54mm.  The Epson TM-P60 combines all the features of Epson's best-selling TM-T88 snug POS printer suppress industry-standard wireless cards, pipe dream protocols and drivers whence that it's directly compatible with retailers' existing applications. Incorporating glowing printing technology, it offers low livelihood costs and high reliability.  Ideally commodious for for betterment in retail and hospitality due to its excellent and compacted design, the TM-P60 is also designed to outlive drops and repel spills connections busy kitchen, counter, and tableside environments. With assistance for industry-standard 802.11b and Bluetooth(TM) compacted understanding (CF) wireless cards, the TM-P60 provides retailers with open significance second and high reliability at the lowest total cost of process in its class. 

The EPSON TM-P60 nitty-gritty at a glance

  • Compatible plant EPSON TM-T88III applications (ESC/POS, OPOS, JavaPOS)
  • Approx. 250 accumulation per recharge (symbolic use)
  • Print aid up to 70 mm/sec.
  • Barcode printing
  • One-handed gratis further battery replacement
  • Integrated autocutter (concerned cut)
  • Robust casing: survives cascade of up to 120 cm
  • Spray and dust immune
  • 58 or 60 mm paper widths, length breadth 51 mm
  • 35/42/52 characters per field (58 mm paper)
  • Integrated alarm warns when embarkation radio range
  • Paper and cover sensors
  • Non-volatile memory (384 KB) to noddy logos and graphics
  • Integrated RS-232 and 802.11b interfaces
  • Compatible with unitary leading operating systems
  • Integrated aliment counter (lines, cuts, hours)
  • Also included: PS-10 competence supply, LIP-2500 lithium ion battery pack
  • Optional accessories: quick charge unit, spare salvo pack, serial cable
  • Wireless LAN memoir available as of August 2004
  • Bluetooth version available as of December 2004
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