Lexmark C520

Having a slow printing pace at the work can really hamper productivity. There are simply too many features required for good quality printing and the older models of laser printers available are cheap but they certainly do not offer much in relation to modern styles of document production. The series of larger printers available in the market do offer a lot of features but they are too big anyway and cost too much for comfort of smaller businesses. I did some research and found out that the Lexmark C520 series laser printers function quite well for small and big time printing work with a lower initial investment and great quality results.

The Lexmark C520 series offers a range of makes with slightly different features to cater for different printing requirements. All the printers in the series I have used so far promise a color and black printing speed of 20 pages per minute but the actual printing speed is slightly less than that but it’s pretty okay overall. The functioning of the C520 series printers is pretty smooth, with special features to prevent paper jams (the bane of office printing). Toners tend to last longer than usual, which helps in cutting down on printing costs as an added bonus.

The printers in the C520 series provide networking ports. I find it quite convenient to share the printer over a network at my office so all my employees have access. The hardware and software installation is pretty simple. On average, it would take you fifteen minutes to get the printer to run after taking it out of the box. The software is easy to use even for the most non-technical individuals. The Imagequick function is a unique feature that enables you to get web pages printed in automated fashion. There is a more than sufficient capacity in the paper trays. The image quality for color prints and high-quality photos is quite good.

Across the range available in the Lexmark C520 series there are makes that are suitable for all types of users. The series has a solution for anything from small workgroups to larger offices. I found out that if I bought a printer with almost the same features in many other series, it would cost much more. Although you can check this up, one reason I recommend C520 series printers is due to the cheaper cost involved. Lexmark C520 Series has all you need for your color laser printing at the office.

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