HP Color LaserJet CP1215 supplies status page

To print a supplies status page from the CP1215, hold down the green Resume button for about four or five seconds.  The configuration page will print out first, followed by the supplies status page.
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HP LaserJet 4300

I operate a small enterprise and it is very crucial to meet the customer’s demands without delay. In order to do that, minor things like printouts, copies, and faxes play a vital role. In my business printing is a daily requirement and there is absolutely no measure of loss that we can be subject to if our orders get delayed due to slow printouts. For that matter it was extremely important that I used such a printing machine at my work place which was not only fast but also had a great space for storing paper so that I wouldn’t have to refill the tray all the time.

The HP LaserJet 4300 has proven to be one such machine as it comes with easy installation and configuration and convenient driver options, which make it easy to be used by all kinds of users and workers. A product of Hewlett Packard, this laser printer requires monochromatic cartridges for taking black and white prints for your requirements at a tremendous speed of up to 45 papers per minute. It is not slow even at start up and once the command is in, the print starts coming out from the other end in as quickly as 9 seconds.

If your document has pictures, graphs and diagrams or simply text in it, the HP LaserJet 4300 with its 1200dpi resolution, produces clear and sharp black and white images keeping the paper straight and crisp. The paper tray has a capacity to store as many as 600 papers without folding them around the edges. Its 64 MB extendable memory allows large documents to be printed more quickly than many other similar printers.

Whether you want to have your document printed on envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, cards, bond paper or recycled paper, the HP LaserJet 4300 proves to be extremely suitable for all paper types. This wired printer works well with practically any computer system including apple, Windows XP or 2000. After buying the basic machine at such a reasonable price, you can maximize your printer’s functions through adding accessories which help with auto duplexing and stapling etc.

The HP LaserJet 4300 is the ultimate choice for users who want to optimally utilize their time by achieving as fast printing as they possibly can. At an affordable price, this printer ensures the print outs are satisfactory for the users and offers them an easy, less annoying and comfortable printing experience.
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Sharp FO 4650 config page

On the FO-4650 fax machine, you cant print out a "true" configuration page, but you can print an optional setting list.  The optional setting list shows many of the machines current settings.  To print this list:

- Press the Function button.
- Press 2 for "Listing Mode."
- Press 6 for "Opt. Setting List."
- Press the Start button.
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HP LaserJet 5si configuration page

The configuration page for a LaserJet 5si, like many HP config pages, includes the printers page count, serial number, error log, and network settings.  To print the config page:

- Press and release the Menu button until "TEST MENU" appears on the display screen.
- Press and release the Items button until "PCL CONFIGURATION PAGE" appears on the screen.
- Press the Select button.
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