Samsung ML 1865W Printer Review

The Samsung ML-1865W is the perfect printer for a home or small business. So if you are someone who needs a printer to fit into either of those two settings, then this is the one for you. The ML-1865W is a great machine. It provides high quality copies, takes up very minimal space on your table or desk, and it will cost you very little in comparison to other printers out there. Choose this printer and you won’t go wrong!

One of the best features of the Samsung ML-1865W is that it can be stored easily pretty much anywhere you need it to go. It may be on the smaller side, but this little printer packs a lot of power.  The printer engine of this machine offers exceptionally high quality with 1200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution. Printouts will look top notch, which is extremely important, especially in a business setting where you will be handing out documents to your clients. The text and images on your printouts will be dark, clear, and solid, with no toner marks left behind like you get with some other printers. It’s one of the highest qualities you can hope for. This printer also comes with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning it will be easy for users to print quickly from anywhere. If you’re not looking  for this option, then another non-Wi-Fi version is available for purchase instead, so you have choices. Installation of this machine is easy in all aspects. With this printer, you won’t be pulling your hair out while trying to set it up. The 700 page starter cartridge comes already installed. Also, the printer can easily be set up by loading the driver disk onto your computer. You just need to be sure that you have read the user manual to be positive that it is being set up in the correct way. Then you will simply be able to plug in the USB cable and get started. You will have to purchase paper and toner cartridges when they run out, but that won’t be often, and the cost per page isn’t a whole lot. Overall, anyone without a lot of extra space will be satisfied with this small, yet powerful printer. This machine produces outstanding quality prints all at an incredibly affordable price. You can’t go wrong with that!

The Samsung ML-1865W only has one downside, and that’s the fact that you might encounter some paper jams once in awhile. Considering that this is a problem among all printers though, it’s not one that you should be too concerned about. A bunch of great features outweighs one negative thing that might happen, but then again might not. Overall, this printer is a high quality one, perfect for all your printing needs. 

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