OkiData CX2032 MFP

Multifunction printers are a great invention. Four devices with the running costs and footprint of one. Ideal for the new, small or home office as they are compact, cost-effective and can do the job of four machines in one convenient chassis.

The OkiData CX2032 MFP is one such device, and one of the few multifunctions that Oki produces. The size is average for a multifunction device, measuring 19.7 inches wide, 23.6 inches deep and 26.4 inches high. This is larger than a standalone printer, but pretty good for a multifunction.

Print quality is exactly what you have come to expect from Oki. Crisp, precise prints, with clean edges on text and images alike. Our test document pushes a printer to the limit, but we are pleased to say the CX2032 passed with flying colors. Toner spread was even and detailed enough even the most demanding users. Mono prints are produced at an average of 32 pages per minute for mono and 20 for color, so there will be no hanging around, even for documents as good quality as these.

The user manual is easy to follow and will have users of all abilities up and running in no time at all. There is even a piece of Velcro on the back so you can attach it to the printer.

If you want a standalone printer, copier, fax and scanner, this is all the machine you need. If you want to use it in conjunction with a computer, you just need to install the drivers and connect the CX2032 to a computer. You can do that by using USB, parallel or network cables. Each are supported, and each is easy to get working properly.

The control panel is clear and easy to use, with different buttons for each different function. This is great for ease of use, as each area has a distinct function. There shouldn’t be too much hunting around for the right key once you get used to it.

Overall the CX2032 is a no-frills multifunction device for those who like speed and quality all in one. It is a reliable performer, has the Oki guarantee of quality which won’t let you down. Consumables last a decent amount of time and won’t cost the earth. A good bet if you find yourself in the market for a quality multifunction.

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