Lanier LD 135

The Lanier LD-135 isn’t the smallest multifunction in the world but it does the work of four separate devices so it isn’t too bad. This is a full-on medium to large workgroup machine that will satisfy even the most demanding workloads. It has quite a large footprint, especially when you have the optional paper finishers installed.

The quality of the prints and copies is a highlight of this machine. You can do as much faxing and scanning as you like, printing and copying are still the bread and butter of these devices. Our company doesn’t print many photographs, but when we do, the LD-135 delivers. The toner spread is even and accurate, with white areas staying white, edges staying sharp and text being printed precisely and neatly.

Our average daily use is around 1-2000 prints, mainly text, legal sized, single sided sheets. The LD-135 prints these at about 35 pages per minute. With the first print appearing after only a couple of seconds. The prints are good quality and are used both internally and externally.

Copying is about the same, the quality is good, and it’s pretty quick too. You can also do it all from the desktop so there is hardly ever a queue for it. The software allows quite a bit of manipulation of the documents before we print them, allowing us to make sure everything is spot on before printing to paper and wasting it.

The standard model came with 4 250 sheet paper drawers, with the option of more if you need them. There is also an automatic duplexer and the option to add bypass trays, document finishers, and another large capacity paper tray if you need to.

The touch screen control panel is all we would ever need, although you can control it over the network too. The menu is easy to read, and pretty logical when using it. The large blue LCD screen is perfectly easy to use, and the menu system is clear and simple.

Faxing is easy, the dial is on the control panel, or you can fax from your desktop. That feature is nice as it prevents a queue if someone is printing or scanning something. You can also queue faxes and have the machine forward incoming faxes to particular people. As an administrator, that makes my job much easier.

I wasn’t sure if I would like the LD-135 or not. It is a big machine, and a new brand name for me. I have no problems working with it now I know it. It’s easy to manage, toner is cheap and it’s built to last forever. What more do you need?

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