Resetting Counter Epson RX600

Reset Counter Epson RX600, RX620 and RX630Resetting
RX600, RX620 and RX630 using adjustment program and manual reset.
Adjustment Program RX600, RX620 and RX630 work under win98, WinME, Win
2K and Windows XP. This adjustment does not require date setting.

Resetting Counter on Epson RX600, RX620 and RX630 Using this Adjustment Program

  • Run the software and Set the adjustment setting and equal to the printer, Click Ok
  • Click maintenante tab
  • Check waste ink pad counter then click reset to reset the counter.
Manual resetting Epson RX600, RX620 and RX630
  • Press all following buttons : Power, B&W, Color,
  • Then, on demand (you'll see message on printer screen), turn off printer.
Download Adjustment Program Epson RX600, RX6 2 0, RX630

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