Replace the rubber roll Epson R230 printer paper roll itself easily

Basically all printers have a roll of paper tow, just different shapes and sizes, which often occurs a problem with this roll is a type of Epson, so we must know and understand what type and model of the paper roll pullers. impact damage usually R230 printer paper generally can not enter / not able to attract the roll though.before proceeding to this stage, you should read first how to open the Print R230 here, if you still do not know how to unscrew the R230 printer

If we look at the two rolls of paper drawer has a rough surface that we demonstrated on a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle tires, from time to time due to frequent use of rubber will be reduced roughness, making the process of withdrawal of paper can not be done with baik.jadi we should take liver repair. Many things can cause no operation of towing the rubber rolls of paper, including:
  •  Rolls of thin rubber because it is often used
  • The amount of dirt / dust collector attached to the rubber rolls of paper
  • There are objects blocking the entry of the paper.In this issue, I would like to share experiences on improving the R230 printer roll.
  • Less cautious in using the printer

I have the R230 printer that has been aged four years and until now still running as usual, and the problem that often arises is the paper not to pull the rubber rolls, and I often fix it without having to buy rubber. indeed rubber rolls can we replace with a new and much of the selling price of rubber rollers with about $ 6 - $ 10, - of course with what is quite a lot for the price of every 5 months if we have to change again, because the rubber rolls if we use every day will be broken, because Ive experienced before I decided to fix it myself without having to replace with new ones.

Here are the steps:
  • Open the printer rubber rollers by opening the printer cover to the right and left of the printer then the inside of the printer that still hamper the rubber roll.
  • After finishing second in the open of the rubber roller.
  • Wash the rubber is to use plain water, can be from wells, tap, just do not like milk or it will damage the rubber material.
  • Dried rubber coils that have been washed by the sun to dry.
  • Replace roll of rubber that has washed and dried.
  •  completed

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