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Passive Cooling System for the Cold 
The point is that the cool system is already supported by the processor and motherboard relatively low-voltage cold enough so it does not need active cooling. The cooling system is required only passive cooling, which requires only a heatsink without fan is required. This PC system can be built with the VIA / Cyrix which has a voltage low. Actually, this system is suitable for conditions that require low noise conditions, but unfortunately seems to have to sacrifice performance. An example is the Notebook. 

Cooling System for Low Noise 
Some of the people or the working environment requires a state of quiet working / not noisy. PC standard with the standard cooling is enough to disturb this state. It causes noise of a PC is very diverse, from the motor can CDROM drive, hard drive, cooling processor (the processor and graphics card if any), of the power supply or cooling of the exhaust fan PC casing. For this condition, the heat sink manufacturers make a cooling system use of fan motors have a low noise level. Motor fan is specially designed with chasing motorcycles equipped with dampers that reduce the sound coming out of the motor fan. Indeed, in terms of the size of the fan motors with dampers will be slightly larger than the motor fan regular processor cooling, but the sound produced will be smaller. 

Cooling for Energy Efficient System 
Many PC manufacturers that produce energy-efficient computing systems. In addition the average notebook implement and requires a system that is energy efficient. One of the saving this energy is carried out on the cooling system. Indeed, some manufacturers have made a processor low-voltage version of the processor that has a working temperature is colder than other processors, but for use with a long duration, the processor still requires a cooling system. Not to mention Intel processors that have a speed step technology that can be adjusted to the speed processor, this would require a cooling system that automatically follow the requirements cooling. For that didesainlah cooling system more effective and efficient. This can be done with provide adequate ventilation in the system, the use of the heatsink (the heatsink) is an extra of the processor, or uses a controlled fan that will work in accordance with needs. On some motherboards have been equipped with a temperature sensor that will monitor the processor temperature and also been equipped with a switch (the switch) automatically for the processor cooling fan. This is very helpful in building systems that are energy efficient because the fan will only work if the temperature of the processor has reaches a certain level. But for the motherboard is not equipped with such facilities, we can use a cooling system that has a temperature sensor and automatic switch installed. Usually the sensor and an automatic switch is located on the heatsink fan will turn on if processor temperature has reached a certain level. 

Cooling System for High Performance Systems 
The definition of high-performance system here is the level of computing systems and high system reliability with the life or long duration of action. Usually the system is dedicated to the machine or the server is also a special-purpose system that demands reliability and high performance. This system will certainly result in a higher heat of regular system. For this high-performance cooling systems, cooling systems are certainly not ordinary sufficient, for it made some kind of cooling system. We can use a heatsink Extra large, designed to shape effective to absorb and release heat, use a fan motors that have a high rotational speed, or using a fan have a larger bar / wide or even longer. Certainly do not forget to also combined a casing which is cool. The purpose of this cold case is the number of air vents and usually is equipped with a ventilation exhaust fan. But usually the cooling system for high-performance system will be more noisy and more wasteful of power. Apart from the system cooling is applied to it, sometimes the system requires a cool environment with good air circulation. Sometimes it also takes a special room for this system so that system to work optimally.

Cooling system for Mania Overclock 
In fact is to overclock the PC system is not recommended by the manufacturer of the processor, because the risk of damage and age of the system is shorter because the application of techniques overclock it. But sometimes for the mania overclock halhal that they ignore. Sometimes even their build a system to overclock with the cost of more likely to buy a cooling system and devices Another supporter of the if they buy a system with higher levels of performance. Not to mention if the processor or other device is damaged and they should replace it. Does not make sense, but they will feel unparalleled satisfaction if they can improve the performance of the system but remains stable. Moreover, there is a special site which includes mania overclock complete data is to overclock the system, heart of the mania overclock will be more heat to be able to overclock the system exceeds the other. It could be mounted to the cooling system should mania overclock themselves ☺. From this arises the mania overclock some performance cooling system technology high. An example is the use of which is no longer an extra heatsink, but it was over big with the PC casing which has lots of ventilation exhaust fan plus an extra strong. In addition we can use the coupled / heatsink combo, which brings together two heatsinks. There is also a using a heatsink extention / extra, this will add heatsink on top of the heatsink & fan standard processors. Sometimes the copper pipes of heat required to distribute the heat from the first heatsink to an additional heatsink. There also are using more than one fan, heatsink design would certainly fit that can be attached to more than one fan. Well, for mania overclock no problem with money, they can use the system water-based cooling. The cooling system works like a car radiator system. Affection PC system is so complicated because there are 2 hoses that connect the blocks with a water reservoir. But for the overclocker, it does not matter. Just be careful not to leak water. Actual use of peltier system is ideal for mania overclock because the system can "Freeze" the processor. Unfortunately peltier system is too difficult and problematic to be installed and configured. Not to mention there is condensation or condensation effects that often arise when a new PC system on several minutes. Besides the cooling system is known to be very wasteful as it can consume 80 to 130 Watt for his own. Not to mention the Peltier itself generates excessive heat which work should also be discarded. Indeed, this system can cool the processor very well, but the trouble it caused, this system so it is not popular and few are willing to wear them. An overclocker has managed to combine three types of cooling system on his PC, which is air cooling systems, water cooling system and the last is the peltier.

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