All Resetter All type canon IP

Please you download Resetter below all free no cost
And to run resetter canon not need additional tools again, just follow the step by step I have to say. Then your printer will return normal.
download here

i255_355 Service tool Reseter i255 forWin 98 (mirror)
i320 Service tool Reseter i255 forWin   98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1000 Service tool Reseter iP1000 forWin 98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1100, 1800, 2500 Reseter for  iP1100, iP 1800,iP 2500
iP1600 Service tool Reseter iP1200 forwin 98, me, XP
iP1500 Service tool Reseter iP1500 forwin 98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1200_1600_2200 Service tool Reseter iP1200, 1600, 2200, win 98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1300_1700 Service tool Reseter iP1300, 1700 forwin 98, me, XP (mirror)
Just download at this link : Reset Canon iP1200,1600,2200 : Download
SSCLG 4.20
SSCLG 4.30  Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP baik port LPT/USB

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