HP Officejet 4500 Manual User Guide

Get the professional impress peculiarity you need for a low require to be paid or undergone per boy-servant. Bring into view abstain from food-drying documents, using papers with the ColorLok logo, and impress vanish-resistant documents. Get borderless typography when you bring into view documents, brochures, flyers and other materials. Stay joined and easily distribute funds, using built-in Ethernet networking. Get four-in-one functionality for an affordable cost. Combine your all-in-one directly to a computer, using the included Hi-Make haste USB 2.0 roadstead.

Gainings more efficiencies, using the 20-boy-servant self-moving writing feeder. Impress and transcript documents nimbly - up to 28 ppm atramentous and 22 ppm shade. Easily taking captive documents and other materials and keep them to a interlacement, using stirring scanning features. Nimbly hurl and obtain faxes, and take superior situation or condition of fax features that can help you stay fertile. Restore wasted writing by typography only the contented you want, using HP lancinating pain web typography. Keep efficacy and impress more responsibly, using an all-in-one that is Efficacy Heavenly body modified. Get unrestrained and light recycling - cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners are recycled responsibly. Keep on writing, using the included junk-fax blocker on this HP Officejet all-in-one. HP Officejet 4500 Manual User Guide
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Samsung B7722 User Guide Owners Manual

Samsung B7722 User Guide Owners Manual contains the information you
need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and
troubleshooting, operating instructions the SamsungB7722 .

Table contents of Samsung B7722 Manual
  • Assembling
    Unpack ~ Install the SIM or USIM card and battery ~ Charge the battery ~ Insert a memory card (optional)

Samsung B7722 User Manual

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All Resetter All type canon IP

Please you download Resetter below all free no cost
And to run resetter canon not need additional tools again, just follow the step by step I have to say. Then your printer will return normal.
download here

i255_355 Service tool Reseter i255 forWin 98 (mirror)
i320 Service tool Reseter i255 forWin   98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1000 Service tool Reseter iP1000 forWin 98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1100, 1800, 2500 Reseter for  iP1100, iP 1800,iP 2500
iP1600 Service tool Reseter iP1200 forwin 98, me, XP
iP1500 Service tool Reseter iP1500 forwin 98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1200_1600_2200 Service tool Reseter iP1200, 1600, 2200, win 98, me, XP (mirror)
iP1300_1700 Service tool Reseter iP1300, 1700 forwin 98, me, XP (mirror)
Just download at this link : Reset Canon iP1200,1600,2200 : Download
SSCLG 4.20
SSCLG 4.30  Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP baik port LPT/USB
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Epson 2200 Manual Reset

  1. Turn off the printer power and unplug the power cord from the wall. Disconnect the computer interface cable at the back of the printer.
  2. After one minute reattach the power plug to the wall, but don’t reattach the computer cable.
  3. Hold down the ROLL and the PAPER ADVANCE buttons simultaneously.
  4. Turn the printer on. after 2 blinks, all the ink lights come on, then release the buttons being held down.
  5. Press and hold the ROLL button for 10 seconds.
  6. Release the ROLL button and the printer will initialize, which resets the Waste Ink Pad Counter.
  7. Once initialization is complete, turn the printer power off.
  8. Reconnect the interface cable.
  9. Turn the printer on and print a document.
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Aculaser 8500 error code E511

Error Epson Aculaser 8500 error code E511 case of  motor 1 malfunction. so could be that the motor has failed, or
something has got inside the printer and is stopping the motor from
operating correctly.

hope helped
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web page printing

Printing Web pages is not a simple job. Usually Web pages are designed to
be displayed on a screen only. Therefore you have to face the following
• The screen’s format differs from the format of a sheet of paper, even when you use the landscape format.
• Often Web pages show bright letters in front of a dark background.
A printout may need much toner or ink as well as the printout might
be difficult to read.

The pictures or graphics on a Web page normally have a resolution
optimised for the display on a screen. As printers work with a
higher resolution, the outcome might be of a much lower quality.
• Information referring to the same topic is often spread over several
Web pages connected by hyperlinks, so you might have to print
every single Web page individually.
problems of printing Web pages are known to Web designers. Some of them
might offer you two versions of a Web page, one optimised for being
displayed on the screen and one for printing. If you want to print out a
Web page, look out for a link that leads you to
the print version.
Some problems, e.g. the lower resolution of online pictures, cannot be
solved. Certain problems can be solved if you choose the right options
offered by your Web browser.
Different browsers offer different
options. The following explains the most important options offered by
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Before you actually start the print job, you can choose certain options
either in the Page Setup Dialog or in the Print Dialog.
Open the Page Setup or the Print Dialog from the File menu. Both
dialogs may offer some of the printer options besides the ones
referring specially to Websites. Choose,
• which information has to appear in the header and the footer of the
page, e.g. the URL or the title of the Web page
• whether the Web page has to be scaled to fit the paper format
• whether the background has to be printed or not and whether the
letters are to be printed in black.
Web pages containing frames:
• choose if only the marked frame is to be printed, all frames should
be printed individually or the whole page as it is displayed on the
Web pages containing hyperlinks:
• choose whether the corresponding Web pages are to be printed
within the same print job.
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lexmark prestige pro805 drivers

Download Lexmark Prestige Pro805 Printer Drivers.
Here shows you the
latest Lexmark Prestige Pro805 Printer Drivers. Just download Lexmark
Prestige Pro805 drivers for win8, win7/xp, Mac to fix drivers problems.
after i click download link

its show:
There doesn't provide a downloadable version for or the download links
are broken, but you can use the search box to search for the drivers you
need; or return to Driver Home, our step by step guide will help you find your required drivers!


Wow haha.
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Replace the rubber roll Epson R230 printer paper roll itself easily

Basically all printers have a roll of paper tow, just different shapes and sizes, which often occurs a problem with this roll is a type of Epson, so we must know and understand what type and model of the paper roll pullers. impact damage usually R230 printer paper generally can not enter / not able to attract the roll though.before proceeding to this stage, you should read first how to open the Print R230 here, if you still do not know how to unscrew the R230 printer

If we look at the two rolls of paper drawer has a rough surface that we demonstrated on a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle tires, from time to time due to frequent use of rubber will be reduced roughness, making the process of withdrawal of paper can not be done with baik.jadi we should take liver repair. Many things can cause no operation of towing the rubber rolls of paper, including:
  •  Rolls of thin rubber because it is often used
  • The amount of dirt / dust collector attached to the rubber rolls of paper
  • There are objects blocking the entry of the paper.In this issue, I would like to share experiences on improving the R230 printer roll.
  • Less cautious in using the printer

I have the R230 printer that has been aged four years and until now still running as usual, and the problem that often arises is the paper not to pull the rubber rolls, and I often fix it without having to buy rubber. indeed rubber rolls can we replace with a new and much of the selling price of rubber rollers with about $ 6 - $ 10, - of course with what is quite a lot for the price of every 5 months if we have to change again, because the rubber rolls if we use every day will be broken, because Ive experienced before I decided to fix it myself without having to replace with new ones.

Here are the steps:
  • Open the printer rubber rollers by opening the printer cover to the right and left of the printer then the inside of the printer that still hamper the rubber roll.
  • After finishing second in the open of the rubber roller.
  • Wash the rubber is to use plain water, can be from wells, tap, just do not like milk or it will damage the rubber material.
  • Dried rubber coils that have been washed by the sun to dry.
  • Replace roll of rubber that has washed and dried.
  •  completed
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Importance of Processor Cooling page 2

Passive Cooling System for the Cold 
The point is that the cool system is already supported by the processor and motherboard relatively low-voltage cold enough so it does not need active cooling. The cooling system is required only passive cooling, which requires only a heatsink without fan is required. This PC system can be built with the VIA / Cyrix which has a voltage low. Actually, this system is suitable for conditions that require low noise conditions, but unfortunately seems to have to sacrifice performance. An example is the Notebook. 

Cooling System for Low Noise 
Some of the people or the working environment requires a state of quiet working / not noisy. PC standard with the standard cooling is enough to disturb this state. It causes noise of a PC is very diverse, from the motor can CDROM drive, hard drive, cooling processor (the processor and graphics card if any), of the power supply or cooling of the exhaust fan PC casing. For this condition, the heat sink manufacturers make a cooling system use of fan motors have a low noise level. Motor fan is specially designed with chasing motorcycles equipped with dampers that reduce the sound coming out of the motor fan. Indeed, in terms of the size of the fan motors with dampers will be slightly larger than the motor fan regular processor cooling, but the sound produced will be smaller. 

Cooling for Energy Efficient System 
Many PC manufacturers that produce energy-efficient computing systems. In addition the average notebook implement and requires a system that is energy efficient. One of the saving this energy is carried out on the cooling system. Indeed, some manufacturers have made a processor low-voltage version of the processor that has a working temperature is colder than other processors, but for use with a long duration, the processor still requires a cooling system. Not to mention Intel processors that have a speed step technology that can be adjusted to the speed processor, this would require a cooling system that automatically follow the requirements cooling. For that didesainlah cooling system more effective and efficient. This can be done with provide adequate ventilation in the system, the use of the heatsink (the heatsink) is an extra of the processor, or uses a controlled fan that will work in accordance with needs. On some motherboards have been equipped with a temperature sensor that will monitor the processor temperature and also been equipped with a switch (the switch) automatically for the processor cooling fan. This is very helpful in building systems that are energy efficient because the fan will only work if the temperature of the processor has reaches a certain level. But for the motherboard is not equipped with such facilities, we can use a cooling system that has a temperature sensor and automatic switch installed. Usually the sensor and an automatic switch is located on the heatsink fan will turn on if processor temperature has reached a certain level. 

Cooling System for High Performance Systems 
The definition of high-performance system here is the level of computing systems and high system reliability with the life or long duration of action. Usually the system is dedicated to the machine or the server is also a special-purpose system that demands reliability and high performance. This system will certainly result in a higher heat of regular system. For this high-performance cooling systems, cooling systems are certainly not ordinary sufficient, for it made some kind of cooling system. We can use a heatsink Extra large, designed to shape effective to absorb and release heat, use a fan motors that have a high rotational speed, or using a fan have a larger bar / wide or even longer. Certainly do not forget to also combined a casing which is cool. The purpose of this cold case is the number of air vents and usually is equipped with a ventilation exhaust fan. But usually the cooling system for high-performance system will be more noisy and more wasteful of power. Apart from the system cooling is applied to it, sometimes the system requires a cool environment with good air circulation. Sometimes it also takes a special room for this system so that system to work optimally.

Cooling system for Mania Overclock 
In fact is to overclock the PC system is not recommended by the manufacturer of the processor, because the risk of damage and age of the system is shorter because the application of techniques overclock it. But sometimes for the mania overclock halhal that they ignore. Sometimes even their build a system to overclock with the cost of more likely to buy a cooling system and devices Another supporter of the if they buy a system with higher levels of performance. Not to mention if the processor or other device is damaged and they should replace it. Does not make sense, but they will feel unparalleled satisfaction if they can improve the performance of the system but remains stable. Moreover, there is a special site which includes mania overclock complete data is to overclock the system, heart of the mania overclock will be more heat to be able to overclock the system exceeds the other. It could be mounted to the cooling system should mania overclock themselves ☺. From this arises the mania overclock some performance cooling system technology high. An example is the use of which is no longer an extra heatsink, but it was over big with the PC casing which has lots of ventilation exhaust fan plus an extra strong. In addition we can use the coupled / heatsink combo, which brings together two heatsinks. There is also a using a heatsink extention / extra, this will add heatsink on top of the heatsink & fan standard processors. Sometimes the copper pipes of heat required to distribute the heat from the first heatsink to an additional heatsink. There also are using more than one fan, heatsink design would certainly fit that can be attached to more than one fan. Well, for mania overclock no problem with money, they can use the system water-based cooling. The cooling system works like a car radiator system. Affection PC system is so complicated because there are 2 hoses that connect the blocks with a water reservoir. But for the overclocker, it does not matter. Just be careful not to leak water. Actual use of peltier system is ideal for mania overclock because the system can "Freeze" the processor. Unfortunately peltier system is too difficult and problematic to be installed and configured. Not to mention there is condensation or condensation effects that often arise when a new PC system on several minutes. Besides the cooling system is known to be very wasteful as it can consume 80 to 130 Watt for his own. Not to mention the Peltier itself generates excessive heat which work should also be discarded. Indeed, this system can cool the processor very well, but the trouble it caused, this system so it is not popular and few are willing to wear them. An overclocker has managed to combine three types of cooling system on his PC, which is air cooling systems, water cooling system and the last is the peltier.
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catridges HP Photosmart C4480 printers

first step Make sure you are using genuine HP print cartridges,make
sure the paper you are printing on is flat. For best results when
printing images, use Photo Paper.Check the print quality setting and
make sure it matches the type of paper loaded in the printer.and then
Check the estimated ink levels in the print cartridges.

If there is ink remaining in the print cartridges, but you are still
noticing a problem, print a self-test report to determine if there is a
problem with the print cartridges. If the self-test report shows a
problem, clean the print cartridges.

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Cold Reset and Configuration Pages

LaserJet 4, 5m
Cold reset
Turn printer off.
Hold down both Go and Online buttons.
(for LJ5, hold only Go button)
Turn printer on.
Release buttons when display shows COLD RESET.
Self-test/configuration (please wait at least five minutes after cold reset!)
Press Menu button until TEST MENU is displayed
Press Item button until PRINT SELF TEST is displayed
Press Go button

LaserJet P1000/P1500, 1160/1320 series
Cold reset
Turn printer off
Hold down Go button
Turn printer on
Configuration page (please wait at least five minutes after cold reset!)
When printer is READY and not printing, press Go button for 5 seconds

LaserJet 1200
Network Report
Press TEST button on external print server

LaserJet 1300
Cold reset
Turn printer off
Hold down Go button
Turn printer on
Continue to hold the Go button for at least 5 seconds, but no more than 15
Release the Go button
If at first you don’t succeed, try again, holding for a wee bit more or less time
Configuration page (print server) (please wait at least five minutes after cold reset!)
On the back side of the printer where the network cable plugs in, press the
little button above the cable.
can be found here
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Remove and check cartridge in right stall.

Remove all the ink cartridges from the machine
Then clean the contacts on the cartridges as well as inside the machine itself
Do this with a small amount of warm water on a cotton swab until no ink comes off on the swab
If any of the other cartridges are low, empty, leaking or bulging replace them
Then turn off the machine and unplug it for 70 seconds
Plug it back it and wait for the insert cartridges message
Insert the cartridges and check to see if the problem is still there
If it is it means the print head has failed
In order to fix this the print head inside the printer needs to be replaced
The print head is the part of the printer that puts ink from the cartridges onto the page
Unfortunately this can sometimes cost more to replace then the machine itself
print head has seperate nozzles for each cartridge so it can print
black for example and the color print blank even if the print head has
It also works the same way with the detection of the cartridges.
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IPTool Canon Software Resetter

IPtool is free and portable software to reset Canon iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200, iP2500.
This program resetter  is works with the printer Canon iP-series only.
This software provides all you need to reset your canon printer such as
reset ink counter, ink level, cleaning head’s cartridge, test print and

Attention, like other software resetter, before using the
iPtool software you must reset your printer manually to prevent the
program stalled when using this software to reset your printer. Manual
reset for printer that supported with IPtool can be found at other post
in this blog. I have tested this software to reset Canon iP1300, iP1700
and Canon iP1880 printer this software work fine.

Features IP Tool software: 

  • Showing all info on the printer such as ink level, ink counter number of cleaning, cartridge replacement and more.
  • Print test feature to test nozzle on the cartridge.
  • Cleaning and deep cleaning feature to clean head cartridge and cleaning the rollers.
  • Changing the delay value for drying.
  • Set the printer model manually.
  • Reading and reset EEPROM printer.
  • Reset counter and reset ink level on the color and black cartridges.

Ink Level – shows the level ink:

  • BK – black cartridge.
  • CY – Cyan cartridge.
  • MG – Magenta cartridge.
  • YL – Yellow cartridge.
  • WM – Waste ink counter status.
  • WP – “additional” waste ink counter status.

Port Name – displays the port where the printer installed.

Port S / N – shows the serial number of the printer port.

Power – shows the number of:

  • ON – inclusions printer.
  • OFF – to turn off the printer.

Cartridge Info – Displays information status of:

  • BK – black cartridge.
  • CL – colored cartridge.

Head Parking – displays the number of parking.

Head Cleaning – shows the number how many time the cartridge cleaned.

Head Deep Cleaning – displays the number of deep cleaning Printer cartridge.

Cartridge Replacement – shows the number of cartridge replacements:

BK – black cartridge.

CL – colored cartridge.
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Epson R390 Waste Ink Counter Reset

  1. Turn on the printer
  2. Set the pc date setting to 1 January 2007
  3. Adjprog.exe run from the extract of a folder (or locate the file or application. Exe and run it)
  4. Click accept
  5. Click on the particular mode adjustment
  6. Go to interview Then select waste ink pad counter then click ok
  7. Click “button box” until it is done then click “initialization” button and then click “finish button”
  8. Turn off the printer for 5secs then turn again
  9. Set the date today.

Download Resetter Printer Epson R390

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Epson Printer R240 R245 R250 Resetter

Here this step to Reset Waste Ink Counter Printer Epson R240 - R245 - R250

  1. Download Adjustment for Printer Epson R240 - R245 - R250
  2. Switch on printer
  3. Set the PC date setting to 15 February 2006
  4. Run adjprog.exe from the extracted folder
  5. Click accept
  6. Click particular adjustment mode
  7. Go to maintenance then Select waste ink pad counter then click ok
  8. Click on “check button till its done then click on initialization button then click on finish button
  9. Switch off printer for 5 secs then switch on again
  10. After you reset succesfully
  11. you can change the date back to normal
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Resetter Printer Epson Adjustment Printer Epson

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Waste Ink Counter Reset for Canon i320, i255

Reset canon i320,  you are only requiring two steps, that is reset
manual for service mode and reset using software resetter for permanent

Following this steps to reset printer canon i320

Step 1 : Reset Manual for service mode

  • Discharging all cables (power cable and USB cable ) at the printer
  • Open front cover of printer and then press and hold the power button.
  • While holed power button, Connect the power cable to power source .
  • Close printer cover, then release power button.

Step 2 : reset using Software resetter i320 for Permanent reset

  • Download software resetter for canon i320. After finishing download the file, extrac this file by click i320.exe file.
  • Now Reconnect the USB printer cable to computer.
  • Run General Tools software resetter for Canon printers i320 by clicking generaltool.exe file
  • select where your printer installed in the USB PORT
  • Choose SET DESTINATION 1 to reset the printer and the printer should be reset.


Download software resetter Canon i320 resetter from

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Epson C90 Resetter

Reset Waste Ink pad Counter Epson Stylus C90

Please read carefuly following instructions in order
to run this program without problems:

You have Windows XP to be installed on your PC.


  1. Download Adjustment Program for Epson C90
  2. Change your PC Date to Jul 24 2007
  3. Delete the folder C:Adjustments_Programs on your PC if it exists.
  4. Reboot your PC.
  5. UNZIP file C90.rar.
  6. RUN AdjProg.exe file. Here is it!

to Reset Waste Ink Counter

  • RUN AdjProg.exe file Epson C90
  • choose Particular adjustment mode
  • select waste Ink pad counter
  • click initialization
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Get Epson C79 Counter Reset guide

Please read carefuly following instructions in order
to run this program without problems:

You have Windows XP to be installed on your PC.


  1. Download Adjustment program
  2. Change your PC Date to November 10, 2006.
  3. Delete the folder C:Adjustments_Programs on your PC if it exists.
  4. Reboot your PC.
  5. Check properties of this file. There must be CREATION DATE - Nov.10.2006.
  6. If it is - it’s ok! If NO - try to do this one more time.
  7. UNZIP file
  8. RUN AdjProg.exe file. Here is it!

To reset waste ink counter;

  • choose Particular adjustment mode
  • Maintenance
  • Waste ink pad counter
  • Check
  • Initialization

That’ all!

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Epson R200 R210 R300 R310 Waste Ink Counter Pad Reset

Here is how to reset the waste counter for the Epson R200, R210, R300 and R310 printers.
  • Press and hold “Stop”, “Maintenance”, and “Power” buttons for about 10 seconds. A message will come on the screen saying counter is reset and to turn the printer off. The R200 and others don’t have a screen so just wait until the 10 seconds is up.
  • Turn the printer off, unplug the power cord. Wait about 1 minute and power the printer back up. The counter will be reset. That’s all there is to the reset procedure.

Is the waste pad full ?

If the waste pad is actually full and ink is about to overflow, then you need to install a waste container. You can see the waste pad by opening the access panel on the back of the printer.

Changing the waste pad requires almost complete disassembly of the printer, it is a big job. There is an easier way.

Open the access panel on the rear of the printer (remove screw) and look inside carefullly with a flashlight. You will see a tube (down and to your left) coming from the cleaning pump and it will have an open end on it. This is the tube that delivers ink to the waste pad.

Use a piece of coathanger wire or equivalent, and fish out this piece of tube. Bring it to the outside of the printer, thru the access panel.

Find yourself a suitable container (Tupperware or a plastic cup or jar) that is not too tall. Put the tube into this container and secure the tube and container so they won’t come apart or lose connection if the printer is moved.

If you wish you can make a hole or notch in the access panel cover so it can be replaced.

Now the ink will go into this container and not into the waste pad inside the printer. If it gets full, dump it.

Note: This information and a couple of photos are also available on Steve’s Digicam Forum ( Goto Printers-Photo Inkjet-Epson R200-210 & R300-310 Mod

To Download Software Resetter for Epson R300-310 cliks here : Download

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Resetting Counter Epson RX600

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Canon PIXMA iP 1500 Printer Driver

Details - iP1500 v1.80 Printer Driver for Windows XP
download here
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Driver Printer Canon LBP5360

Canon PCL5e/5c v8.70 Printer Driver


Operating system(s):

Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Reset Counter Epson T11 without software

If you want to reset your printer (epson T-11) without software adjustment, follow this instruction step by step :

Step :

1. Prepare tools : Screwdriver + and – , scissor and cable wire

2. Open Body printer :

3. Detach paper barrier

After detach paper barrier :

4.  Detach cables (power & data)

5. Open mainboard :

Chip on red cirle to be focus attention :

6.  Strecht the cable :

7. Connect cable wire to pin 1-4 (like showed in this picture) :

8. Put mainboad to printer and don’t forget to attach data and power cable to mainboard, and screw mainboard.

9. Turn on the printer. Base on my experience it will work. Notice there’s no blink anymore

10. Turn off the printer.

11. Take mainboard.

12. Detach cable wire which connected to pin 1-4

13. Then put mainboard to printer again (don’t forget to attach data and power cable to mainboard and strength the screw)

14. Turn on the printer again

15. Finish


After step 10, don’t forget to detach cable wire which connected
to pin 1-4. If you forget it, computer will read your printer as Epson S
20. source :
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fix the Canon Printer Cartridges

Steps to fix it, namely:

 1. If the printer has not been used, and then want to repair, it would be nice printer cartridges soaked in warm water (to facilitate ink frozen). Warm water should soak the bottom and the side of the cartridge.
 2. Soak for - / + 20 minutes, then drain until dry (can wipe gently with a soft cloth).
 3. Please fill cartridges with a special type of printer ink canon printer (if empty ink).
 4. Cartridges pair back to your Canon printer.
 5. please turn on your printer, be sure the driver is installed first.
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HP Laserjet 5000 series service mode

Guide for HP Laserjet 5000 series service mode
1. Hold down [Select] and [Cancel Job] while turning on the printer.
(If the control panel reads INITIALIZING, the keys were released too soon.)
2. Press the right side of the [Menu] key, then press [Select]. The message SERVICE MODE is displayed.
3. Press [Menus] once to display SERVICE MENU.
4. Once it says SERVICE MENU press ITEM to scroll through service mode items.
To exit the Service Mode press [Go].
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3 M mpro150 manual

Here are 3 M mpro150 can download user manuals, owner the instruction guide, repair, support, and 3m share issue mpro150 manual.

 downloads3m mpro150 users Guide

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Toshiba Error codes

Toshiba E-Studio machines do not display service code automatically. To read a code you should press down the “8” key and the “Clear/Stop” key at the same time. All codes, except fuser errors are reset by turning the machine off and back on again. PM cycle counter can be set in 0,8 mode, turn on the machine while holding down “0” and 8” keys, enter 251 to set PM limit, and 252 to see the number of copies that have been run since the last PM.
Toshiba Error Codes:
1st Drawer Motor
2nd Drawer Motor
3rd Drawer Motor
LCF tray-up Motor Problem
Exposure Lamp not detected
Scan home problem
Scan home problem
Corona Wire Cleaner Motor
Transfer belt cam motor problem
Fuser low temp or thermistor
Fuser low temperature
C443 to C 447
Fuser temperature problem
C 449
Fuser temperature too high
C465 to C468
Pressure Roller temperature problem
C471 to C475
IH power voltage (Power Supply)
IH problem
IGBT problem
IH control problem
Fuser web at end
Fuser count problem
Communication problem between scanner and RADF
Communication problem between Engine CPU and PFC
Communication problem between Engine CPU and IPC
Communication problem between Engine CPU and finisher
EEPROM initialization problem in RADF
RADF read sensor adjustment error
RADF original length sensor adjustment error
RADF small original reverse sensor
RADF tray lift motor problem
RADF large original exit sensor problem
RADF temperature problem
Engine-CPU problem
HVT or charge corona
Laser motor problem
Laser H-SYNC problem
Finisher feed motor
Finisher exit motor
Finisher tray lift motor
Finisher rear alignment plate motor
Staple motor
Finisher punch motor
Communication problem between finisher and inserter
Inserter EEPROM problem
Inserter fan problem
Offset tray home separator problem
Laser problem
Cleaning brush problem
Used toner transport problem
Recycle toner transport problem
Waster toner bag full
Fuser web problem
Temperature/humidity sensor problem
Drum thermistor problem
Drum thermistor problem
Toner transport motor problem
Toner hopper motor locked up
Exit jam
Exit jam
1st drawer incorrect paper size
Image data delay jam
Duplex jam
Bypass jam
Bypass cover open
Saddle-Stitch staple jam
Saddle-stitch cover open/jam
Hard drive timeout
Scan problem
Database problem
To clear fuser errors, turn on power while holding down “0” and “8”. Enter 400, Press Start. Change status to “0”. Press Enter or “Interrupt”. Shut power and turn back On
Printer Error Codes:
No printer kit
Hard drive full during print
Private print only
Printing data storage problem
E-filling problem
Fax can not be sent when local selected
User authentication error
Print job cancellation
Print job power failure
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How to Reset canon iP 1700 and iP1300

Resetter canon iP 1700 and iP1300

Step 1 : Reset Hardware
  1. Turn off Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers
  2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
  4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
  5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
  6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
  7. Press the Power button and the Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
  8. Your Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers should respond as normal

Step 2 : Using software resetter
  1. Download Software Resetter for Canon Printers iP1300 dan iP1700
  2. Ekstrak/Unrar/Unzip the Software
  3. Run GeneralTool.exe
  4. Select USB Port where the canon ip1300 or canon ip1700 installed.
  5. CLick Lock Release button
  6. Select EEPROM CLEAR
  7. Click Test Pattern 1 button
  8. Your Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers should respond as normal.
Download Software Resetter for Canon Pixma iP1300, iP1700
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SGH E740 Manual Guide

SGH-E740 Manual Guide
The Samsung SGH-E740 is a mobile measuring 46 x 97 x 15.9 mm and weighs 92 grammes.Il embeds a digital camera of 2 megapixels, and an MP3 music player. Memory is expandable via microSD (Transflash) (up to 1 GB). These major points are multimedia player, expandable memory, stereo manual here
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Fix Problem After Resetting Canon Pixma iP1700

After a few day expreiment with my canon Pixma iP1700, I find two problem often happened when resetting the printer. First case, My Canon pixma Pixma ip1700 becoming Canon Pixma ip1300 after resetting the eeprom, second case, cartridge not recognize after resetting the counter then the led blinking 5X orange and 1X green..

1. My Canon pixma ip1700 becoming ip1300
My Canon Pixma iP1700 becoming canon Pixma iP1300, this problem happened after resetting the eeprom of Canon iP1700 using iPtool. The solutions for this problem :
  • Install driver for canon iP1300, you can download the driver in the canon website.
  • Now run iPtool software, auto recognize as Canon Pixma iP1300
  • In the change model set the printer to iP1700.
  • In the EEPROM Operations click reset button. Turn off the printer and turn on again, the problem solved now your Canon printer becoming Canon Pixma iP 1700 again.
2. Blinking orange 5x and green 1x and the color/black cartridge not recognized
This problem appear after several times reset ink level the cartridge. If this reset methode does not work to solve the problem. I get this solution after several times try resetting using various combinations button. Solutions for the problem are:
  • Start with printer off
  • Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  • Keep holding down Power button and press Resume 2 times, then press and hold the resume button, release power button.
  • Green lights will flash and then stop blinking (Keep hold the resume button).
  • When green lights are solid, release resume button and press again the Resume button 4 times.
  • Don’t switch of the printer (because if your trun off and turn on again the printer the problem still appear), Now reset the counter and EEPROM canon iP1700 using iPTool software (recommended).
  • Turn off and turn on again the printer, the printer should respond as normal. In my Canon iP1700 problem solved.

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