EPSON FX 980 User Guide

EPSON FX 980 User Guide
Getting to Bonk Your Printer Your EPSON ® FX-980 9-pin dot matrix printer provides high-quality publication and uppercase show in a case decoration. Features countenance: t a show of production paths to embellish your publication needs t the cognition to touch a citywide range of press types, including perpetual report, multi-part forms with one novel and up to six copies, labels, one sheets, envelopes, and postcards t high-speed writing of up to 569 characters per 2nd at 12 characters per advance t prepared with built-in comparable and series interface gameboard Your machine also comes with printer utility software, the EPSON Position Defender 2 programme for Microsoft ® Windows ® 95 or 98 that lets you added software. In element, some options are available to proceedings your human needs. get

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