reset printer IP1880

Those who would use iP1880 printer cartridge refill and the love and the result ngebling, here's a guide for the software and reset the printer TSB? For your information, this resetter can not change the status of ink level indicator. Perhaps the design of such a canon already. so that the means used are deadly for ink level indicator status.

First download the software here first then follow the instructions below:
1. Drivers must sdh installed correctly.
2. Connect the cable
3. Further, before the power cable to the mains dicolokin printer, press and hold the
power and plug the power cord into the power
4. While holding the power button, press the reject button 2 times then lepasin????
5. Run the reset program that already downloaded
6. Do not forget to open the Lock Release in program
(Just a note: To view the menu lock release, minimal resolution
layaranda running on 1024 x 728)
7. Then choose the destination set to iP1880
9. Then click PLAY and PLATEN
10.Kalo above steps already done, then do TES PATTERN1

Note: Just info if the above can also be used on the IP 1100, 1800??? How to reset the same 2500 series

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