reset the ink take for Canon MX328

Answer to reset the ink take for Canon MX328, persist the maneuver beneath :

1. Disconnection the force telegram
2. Enter it time holding fallen the land fix
3. With the noesis fasten works low, mould twice the "Cancel/Stop" red add
4. Transude the power button
5. The printes turns into a gentle of factory norm...(move for most 10 seconds, utils it says "Idle")
6. Pushing the ">" (close to the "OK" secure) erstwhile."Business Norm 3"
7. Push the "OK" add.
8. Pressing "OK" again for "Without cleaning"
9. A tryout writer instrument produce.
10. Agape the concealment, similar you are roughly to difference the cartridges.
11. Undo the country cable again.
12. Cover out both cartridges.
13. Stuffy the overcompensate.
14. Tie the power telegraph erstwhile again.
15. Recede the printer on.
16. Now fitting put the cartridges wager

Methode 2 :

Ravine Pixma MX328 is one of the Inkjet multifuction (Indication, Interpret, Double, Fax) printer from Canon. Similar pandemic individual of machine, after filled by ink ordinarily ink rase not overladen. At both cases of printer, after ink take vacant, machine cannot be utilized to produce.

Here the Root to correct the ink story for Canon Pixma MX328 analyse this steps to reset the ink train in your canon MX328.

1. Switch off the Canon MX328 and disparity the land wire.
2. While push and support the land switch, Join the cognition wire to galvanic socket.
3. Spell imperative the state switch, weightlifting the "Cancel/Stop" secure (red button).
4. Now relinquish the commonwealth add and the machine turns into a forgiving of manufactory modality. Act for 10 seconds until it says "idle".
5. Exercise ">" (close switch) formerly "Conveyance Norm 3? then Counsel the "OK" secure. Advise "OK" again for "without cleaning".
6. A effort diplomat instrument print.
7. Unresolved the insure, suchlike you are about to change the cartridges.
8. Disconnect the commonwealth cablegram again without switch off the printer.
9. Get out the both cartridges.
10. Close the covering.
11. Interact the powerfulness telecasting and channelize on the printer.
12. Now virtuous put the cartridges indorse and the ink raze in the canon Pixma MX300 tally nourished again.
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resetter Epson Stylus 400 printer

resetter  Epson Stylus 400 printer
This procedure is to reset the Epson Stylus 400 printer when are the lights will blink and will not let you print.
Para realizar el reset lo que tiens que hacer es lo siguiente: To perform the reset tiens what to do is the following:

Hay que presionar y mantener apretado el boton de LOAD/EJECT (tomar hoja) y el de Cleaning (limpieza) . We must press and hold the button LOAD / EJECT (take up) and the Cleaning (cleaning).

Mientras mantienes apretados esos botones , tienes que presionar el boton de POWER (encendido) y tenerlo apretado hasta que las luces (ink out – tinta vacia y paper out- falta papel) empiezan a titilar o parpadear. While holding these buttons, you must press the power button (on) and keep it tight until the lights (ink out - empty ink and paper out-out of paper) start to flash or flicker.

Cuadno suceda esto suelta todos los botones. When it has to happen this release all buttons.

Cuando pasen 3 o 4 segundos apreta y mantenlo apretado el boton de CLEANING (limpieza) hasta que las luces que titilaban dejen de hacerlo. When you spend three or four seconds click and hold down the button CLEANING (cleaning) until the lights flickered stop.

YA ESTA!!! NOW THIS! ya quedo lista para usarla!! and am ready to use!

Seria conveniente que cada vez que se haga este procedimiento hacer una limpieza a la esponja interna de la impresora, por que alli deja depositado todo el exceso de tinta de la impresora y podria derramarse. It would be desirable that each time you do this procedure done to clean the sponge inside the printer, because there left on deposit all excess ink from the printer and may spill. Esto no es 100 % necesario pero seria muy bueno que lo hagas. This is not 100% necessary but it would be very good to do so.
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Download HP Photosmart 7520 e All in One Printer Driver software tools and firmware

Download HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer Driver, software, tools, and firmware.

Get Printer Driver,
Product Installation Software,
Latest Firmware,
and Diagnostic Tools.
in the following links below.

Microsoft Windows 8 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows server 2008 w32
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows XP
Mac OS X
Linux os
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Fix Adjustment Program for Epson PM250 PM270 PM215 PM210 and PM G800

Adjustment Program for Epson PM250, PM270, PM215, PM210 and PM-G800

 FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error"

All the free resetter or adjustment program you need to reset or repair the protection counter of your Epson Picture Mate printer. 

You can download the software from download link below:

Download Adjustment Program Epson PM270/ Epson Picture Mate 270
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM250/ Epson Picture Mate 250
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM215/ Epson Picture Mate 215
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM210/ Epson Picture Mate 210
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM-G800/ Epson Picture Mate D800

Instruction Procedure to run the resetter:
Step 1:Open the zip file and locate adjprog.exe and run by double click.

Step 2:click to Accept -> Select Model, Destination, port of your printer.

Step 3:Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.

Step 4:Select "consumables maintainance counter" under maintainance and click ok.

NOTE : You have to replace waste ink pad with new one once you initialize
the protection counter.Otherwise ink can overflow from your printer.

Step 5: Click [Check] button to check current protection counter.

Step 6: Replace waste ink pad with new one.

Step 7: Click [Initialization] to reset current protection counter to "Zero".

Step 8:Click Finish and power off the printer.

Step 9:Power on the printer and your printer is ready to print again.

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How To Fix canon Mp258 Error code 5B00 or p07 with service reset tool

How To Fix canon Mp258 Error code 5B00 or p07

Indications Mp258 P07 Error code 5B00 :
When the printer is turned on will show an error MP258 P07 on the LCD panel 
and the monitor screen will display an error code 5B00.

Know How to Reset Canon Mp258 (P07 Error 5B00):

Turned off MP258 Printer which Error 5B00 or P07.
Press STOP / RESET and hold, then press and hold the POWER button.
While POWER button is pressed, release the STOP / RESET, then press the STOP / RESET 2 times in a state of the power button is pressed.
Release both buttons simultaneously.
MP258 Printer which Error 5B00 or P07 will proceed in a while, then the LCD panel on MP58 will show zero number (0).
The computer will detect a NEW DEVICE, Ignore it
This situation indicates the MP258 printer which Error 5B00 or P07 is in a state SERVICE MODE and ready to reset with software.


Extract MP258 Resetter Files for error 5B00 or P07
Prepare 2 paper in the printer (this is to print at the time the process of resetting)
Run the Resetter for MP258 P07 error 5B00
Click "MAIN", then the printer will proceed, then MP258 will print one page with the words "D = 000.0"
Click the "Clear EEPRsaya".
Then click the "EEPRsaya", and the printer will print the results MP258 Resetter. One of the writing row as follows:
"TPage (COPY TTL = 00 000 = 00 000)"
Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
And the MP258 Printer which Error 5B00 or P07 is ready for use again.
Thats Done...

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PROCEDURE 1: Go Manual to Service mode
1. Take of POWER cable and USB cable.
2. Open printer cover and Push and Hold power button.
3. Put on POWER Cable now.
4. Close the printer cover, release the power button.
5. Turn on printer & printer should be not blinking any more. 

PROCEDURE 2 : With General Reset tool
1. Connect the USB cable & turn on the Printer.

2. Download and Open “General Tools",
3. choose your USB PORT. 
4. Choose and SET DESTINATION–1
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Resetter for Epson Printer without Change Date Setting

At some software resetter or adjustment program for epson need date setting at computer to use the software without error. sometime change date setting in computer very disturb. in fact there are some ways to use software resetter or adjustment program for epson without changing date setting in computer and without error.
Here how :
A. Using bat file or Create bat file
Create one bat file and copy this code. You can use notepad to create it. Place the bat file at the same folder with the adjustment program.
@echo off
echo %date% > currdate.txt
date 11-07-07
rd C:adjust~1 /s/q
start/wait AdjProg.exe
date < currdate.txt
del currdate.txt
rd C:adjust~1 /s/q
Note : replace red font with date setting for adjutment program.
B. Using Date Cracker Software
  • Download and install Date Cracker and run the software.
  • Click Add button, enter program description (example: Resetter Epson C90)
  • Click “…” button the select the adjutment software then click open.
  • Type date setting for the adjustment program in the simulated run date.
  • Click run button to run the software.
Note : All this methods has been tested.
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How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880

Canon PIXMA iP1880

Waste Ink Counter Reset Manual for Service mode :

  1. Turn On iP1880
  2. Push and Hold Resume button about 2 minutes
  3. Release Resume button
  4. Printer back to normal again

Download Resetter Canon Pixma iP 1880
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Ricoh Aficio 2035 2045 page count

To see the page count for a Ricoh 2035 or 2045 copier, press the User Tools/Counter button, then on the touch screen select Counter.  If you want a printout of the counter, select Print Counter and then press the Start button.
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Toshiba E Studio 350

The Toshiba E-Studio 350 has been upgraded and designed for the most productive office environments. It has one design, one board and a number of advantages. Businesses who are looking for modular features, expandability and reduced hardware costs will love the Toshiba E-Studio 350 for their business. It is the ideal multifunction unit which copies, scans, prints, faxes and has other networking capabilities. This has proved that the Toshiba E-Studio 350 works in both a smart and productive way.

The touch screen on the unit is a bigger LCD screen, with bolder graphics and is easy to use. Toshiba added more controls and bold icons to make it easier for the user in an office environment without them having to waste time browsing through a pages of an instruction manual. The stackless ADU decreases paper consumption and operating costs and the Toshiba E-Studio 350 has the ability to scan to file, scan to email and scan to e-filing. It has a fast scanning speed of about 45 pages per minute. It can save up to one thousand fax numbers in its phone book and the control panel changes to main fax operations.

It can copy about 35 pages per minute and is built with a new innovative e-Bridge hardware which is enabled for internet usage and mobile wireless. The other copying features that the Toshiba E-Studio 350 includes are access codes, alternation, interrupt memory, image shift, mirror image, sheet insertion, weekly timer, auto sleep mode, auto energy saver, auto job start, auto cassette change, auto trayless duplex, dual page copying and much more. It also offers duplex printing, stapled sets, private printing, watermark prints, proof printing etc.

The Toshiba E-Studio 350 takes about twenty seconds to warm up when it is first powered on and the first copy takes less than 3.9 seconds. The copier has the ability to reduce to up to 25% and enlarge to up to 400%. It also has an automatic toner density monitoring feature and a dispensing from a quality toner cartridge. It weighs about 177 pounds and has a print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. The scanning resolution is of 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi and 600 dpi. The fax modem speed of this machine is of 33.6 kbps.

All in all, this machine is a solid workhorse printer that can copy, scan and fax too.
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Brother MFC 9700

Multifunction printers are ideal when space or money is at a premium. They are ideal for the new, small or home office as they are compact, cost-effective and perform the jobs of four different devices all in one.

The Brother MFC-9700 is one such device, and it is priced squarely at the small/home office target market. While not the best looking appliance in the world, the quality of its output offsets any aesthetic problems with ease. The size is average for a multifunction device, measuring 19.5 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 16.8 inches high. This is larger than a standalone printer, but average for a multifunction.

Print quality is exactly what you would expect from Brother. Crisp and precise, with clean edges on text. Images reproduction pushes the grayscale a bit with a few jaggies on edges. Overall, toner spread was even and detailed enough for most needs.

The included user manual is easy to follow and will have users of all abilities up and running in no time at all. Installing the toner and drum can be a fiddly affair, no such problems with the MFC-9700. They both slide easily into the tray at the front and clip into place. Loading paper is just as straightforward, with the paper tray also being at the front at the bottom. Fill it up and off you go.

If you want a standalone copier, scanner and fax, this is all you have to do to get productive. If you want to use it in conjunction with a computer, you merely need to install the drivers and connect the MFC-9700 to the computer, identify it and it’s all done.

The control panel is simple and easy to use, with different button sets for each function. This allows ease of use, without getting confused over convoluted sequences, or having to follow a menu.

The automatic document feeder on the top is good for 50 sheets, and worked well when tested, not jamming once. There is also a multipurpose paper tray for non standard sizes like envelopes or labels.

Overall the MFC-9700 is a no-frills multifunction device for the cost conscious. It is a steady and reliable performer and won’t let you down. Consumables last a decent amount of time and don’t cost the earth. While there are certainly prettier devices out there, I think you will find it hard to find a more reliable one.
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HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551 usage page

To print a usage page from the LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551 printer:

- Press the Home button (the one with the house icon on it)
- Scroll down until Administration is the highlighted choice
- Press the OK button
- Scroll down to Reports
- Press OK
Configuration/Status Pages will be the highlighted choice -- press OK
- Scroll down to Usage Page
- Press OK
- Scroll up to Print, at the top of the list
- Press OK
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Epson Artisan 810 Multifunction Image Printer
Statement: Pain, greatest display lights up exclusive the buttons you pauperization, includes a 3.5 advance LCD to advertising, redact and photo photos and author. Improved in Wi-Fi, quality Ethernet networking print, construe, and gain storage roll slots from any chance in the sanctuary. Versatile pap.... Indicate Solon
Description: Shrewd, outsized showing lights up only the buttons you requisite, includes a 3.5 progress LCD to advertizing, alter and photograph photos and writer. Collective in Wi-Fi, plus Ethernet networking create, interpret, and operation remembering roster slots from any shack in the accommodation. Versatile packing touch automated, two sided publication, and two reflex publisher trays, plus 30 attender Robotlike Credit Tributary to quickly make, rake or fax stacks of documents. Lessen
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HP Deskjet 9800d Printer guide

HP Deskjet 9800d Printer
with HP Deskjet 9800d Printer Pic great-looking documents, photos, posters, and more with this trusty, varied, and squeeze stuff machine that prints in sizes from card to bill. Impoverishment to create on both sides of the page? The Deskjet 9800D present do it automatically, saving you packing (and thereby money) and reaction the number in your line cabinets. download HP Deskjet 9800d Printer
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Panasonic KX F550 basic feature list

There is no configuration page for the KX-F550 fax machine, but you can print a basic feature list.  To print the basic feature list:

- Press the Menu button three times, so that "3. PRINT LIST" is displayed on the screen.
- Press 1 for the basic feature list.  (To print the advanced feature list, press 2 instead.)
- Press the Start/Set button.
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Resetter Epson RX650

Here is a step to Reset waste ink counter on Epson RX650

  • Extrac Adjustment Program files youve downloaded
  • Turn the printer
  • Then click RUN AdjProg.exe. for Epson Stylus RX650 from the extracted folder
  • Choose Choose a special mode of adjustment
  • Go to interview Then select waste Ink pad counter then click ok
  • Initialization click the button to remove the Waste Ink Pad counter to zero
  • Once you press the Initialize button, you can see the message is complete, so press the OK button
  • To Read Status Press Cons Read, you can see the current counter value.
  • Turn off the printer then turn it on again 5 seconds
  • After you successfully reset, you can also change the date settings back to normal again
Download : Resetter Epson RX650 Or Resetter Epson RX650
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    Resetter Epson C58

    1. Download software for epson c58
    2. Change your setting PC DATE to Nov 9 2006
    3. Delete the folder C:Adjustments_Programs on your PC if it exists.
    4. Reboot your PC.
    5. Just copy it and place to C:c58 folder for example.
    6. UNZIP file C58.rar
    7. RUN AdjProg.exe file. Here is it!

    Reset waste ink pad counter

    • choose Particular adjustment mode
    • Maintenance
    • Waste ink pad counter
    • Check
    • Initialization
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    Brother IntelliFax 2820 page count

    To view the page count for an IntelliFax 2820:

    - Press the Menu/Set button
    - Press 4 for Machine Info.
    - Press 2 for Page Counter
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    HP LaserJet 1022

    The HP LaserJet 1022 is a solid local printer for the single user or small office. Its USB only and needs a host computer to work from, so isnt a workhorse, but is a very reliable printer than produces good quality prints every time.

    Its a small device, measuring only 14.6" x 14 x 10" and weighing in at 12 pounds so can easily fit onto a desk. Its quite quiet too so wont spoil your concentration if its sitting near you.

    It comes in three varieties, the 1022, which is the base model with 8Mb RAM, USB and the basic options. The 1022n comes with networking, and the 1022nw adds wireless to the equation. So even though its a basic printer, it still has options if you need them. I have the 1022n with networking. Even though it attaches to my router, its still a host based printer, so my PC has to do most of the work. It uses the PC processor and memory to create the print template for it to output. This lessens the load on the printer by making the PC do all the work. This means the printer doesnt have its own processor, and just enough RAM to pool the print queue, but nothing else.

    Thats fine for a smaller situation like mine though, and the print quality easily makes up for any shortfalls in hardware. At 18 pages per minute the printer is quick enough. The print quality is also a highlight of the 1022, with sharp edges, good tone and enough contrast between black and white to make the text stand out really well. Photos are pretty good too, especially as this is a laser. The grayscale does a good job of translating color and makes a photo seem realistic even though its in black and white.

    The printer is cheap to run too. I dont print a great deal, and while this printer has a duty cycle of 8000 pages a month I dont go anywhere near that. Toners are easy to manage as its a single cartridge, and at $29 for one that can do 2000 pages, it isnt bad. There is also a high yield one for an extra $7 which can cope with 3000.

    The HP LaserJet 1022 is a great little machine. Its got a lot of heart for such a small body, and hasnt let me down yet.
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    STAR TSP800 Owner Manual

    STAR TSP800 Owner Manual - The TSP800 thermal printers are packaged credit a trifling footprint and are ideal for POS, idea card, restaurant, barcode, hospitality, ticketing, label, and kiosk applications. Its 4.4 inch fathomless for love width facilitates much additional information on a receipt than conventional 3 inch for nothing. The super fast 150 mm/sec chalk simplify makes it one of the fastest in the aspiration (customer wait circumstance is significantly decreased). The TSP800 comes with a heavy-duty cutter, which makes perceptible a enact candidate considering ticketing applications. It features domestic besides out unpaid loading (through the rear of the printer). The TSP800 also has logo fodder capability, which adds professionalism to the modus besides will help decrease the smash print instance. An optional wall or shelf mount bracket allows the TSP800 to personify placed anywhere actual is essential or cede fit over a space-saving option. All TSP800's are equipped with a cartridge record interface, which in turn makes changing the interface a snap, especially for end users.


    • Ultra High Speed - 150 mm/sec
    • Wide chargeless Width - 112mm (4.4'')
    • Very Clean, no ribbon changes needed
    • Very Simple to load the paper
    • 3 year warranty
    STAR TSP800 Owner Manual Download 

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    Xerox XC1044 XC 1044

    The Xerox XC1044 / XC 1044 is a great machine which includes fax, scanner, copier and printer. The advanced technology used in the manufacturing of this amazing machine enables it to work fast and produce consistent quality work. The printer is just superb with its highly accurate color application technique. The colors look real and the black and white is also very crisp. The ink never spreads and the machine is very rarely reported to experience any paper jamming problems.

    Its cartridges are installed beforehand and are easy to replace if they are needed to be replaced. These cartridges do not require any expert to fix them and have them reinstalled. The single cartridge system allows great quality of work and eases in use and set up.

    The machine offers a fax which works at a speed of 33.6 kbps with its technology of super G3. This fax machine even carries a fax toll saver and toner mode which results in reduction of call costs. The single front sheet has the capacity to accommodate about 1000 sheets while the multipurpose tray has also been attached at the side which can hold various media types such as greeting cards, plain cards, plain pages, and so on. This multipurpose tray can hold 550 sheets.

    The machine has a connectivity of the highest level with its USB support and even Bluetooth, which is optional. It even has security in mind, by allowing administrators to set passwords, control access and protect data. Its use is very simple and it is even elegant in its build. This compact machine can be easily fitted in all environments and even on desks. The machine hardly makes a noise when in standby mode however it is not completely noise free and may produce a little noise when in use for more than an hour at a stretch.

    Its speed is commendable as it prints black and white at a speed of 51 pages per minute and 35 pages per minute for color prints. The copier is equally fast with the ability to copy 51 pages per minute, both black and white and colored. Fax transmission and scanning is also speedy which in turn saves time and energy for those who use the printer.
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    CANON PIXMA iP100 Owner Manual

    The rugged, iron iP100 Mobile Printer delivers remarkable character and print-anywhere portability. It affords users the ability to print beautiful borderless color photos from the car or unbroken at the beach. Its patented compose head technology also 5-color ink system contract you create spectacular photos with 9600 x 2400 color dpi1 preference (max.) How fast? A photo lab attribute 4" x 6" borderless print takes only about 50 seconds2. real offers IrDA compatibility3 and an optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface4, ergo you engagement autograph wirelessly from a PC, PDA or camera phone.

    Or, connect a digital camera further print photos direct—no PC required! An optional Canon car adapter and rechargeable battery apparatus set out endowment on the go. Plus, the Auto thought act slant corrects images being the best easy exposure, color, brightness and contrast. This printer has increased color resolution with faster printing speeds than previous models, hour reward a number of accessories that make it easier to channel business face of the office. The lightweight Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer fits tender onto a desk go underground undersized hole or activity a carry-on, making it the perfect laptop companion for business or personal travel.

    Download Owner Manual
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    Canon CP-220 Manual

    Super sleek and ultra-light, the Canon CP-220 Compact Photo Printer gives you the power to print direct from a wide range of Canon digital cameras and PictBridge compatible cameras - with or without a computer. And it's fast, the CP-220 produces long-lasting, high-quality 4" x 6" (postcard size) color prints in just 85 seconds. You can also print a variety of other sizes including 4" x 8" (wide size), credit card size, mini label. 

    Download Owner Manual
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    Canon PIXMA iP4500 Manual

    Get ready for powerhouse printing at its best. This stylish machine features a 5-color ink system and a 4,608-nozzle print head that ejects precision droplets as small as 1 picoliter. The result? Amazing 9600 x 2400 color dpi resolution (max.) and wonderfully life-life color values, along with bold, laser-quality text. Plus, you can print a superb borderless 4" x 6" photo in only about 21 seconds. The two paper trays let you store both photo paper and plain paper, so you're always print-ready.

    Download Owner Manual
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    Canon PIXMA iP1600 Owner Manual

    The Canon PIXMA iP1600 Photo Printer is versatile and simple to use. Its new slanted design will look great on your desk. And you'll be amazed at the high-quality photos and documents you can print.What's the key to its impressive performance? Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses an innovative print head with 1,472 nozzles that eject consistent, precise ink droplets as small as 2 picoliters. It's simple: more nozzles with higher accuracy equal amazing results - and Canon has got it down to a science.

    This patented technology produces an outstanding color resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi, for exceptional detail and photo-realism.To further enhance printing quality, the PIXMA iP1600 Photo Printer uses high-intensity ChromaLife100 color inks for vivid photos and graphics. Plus, its special pigment black ink delivers laser-like text - along with a higher resistance to smudging when you're handling or highlighting a printed document. And what about speed? This nocompromise printer is especially fast, capable of producing a 4" x 6" photo lab quality borderless photo in approximately 70 seconds.

    Download Owner Manual
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    Canon PIXMA iP5000 Manual

    This powerhouse printer combines next-generation print head technology with advanced 5-color printing, for fast, high-definition photos. Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses a high-performance 1,856-nozzle print head that ejects precise, consistent droplets as small as 1 picoliter. The result? An amazing resolution of up to 9600 x 2400 color dpi, for detail and clarity unmatched by comparable printers. Plus, the ContrastPLUS™ 5-color ink system - with four dye-based inks plus a pigment-based black ink - produces true-life photos, along with laser-quality text. Your output will simply amaze you.

    The PIXMA™ iP5000 Photo Printer has the speed to match its exceptional quality. It can produce up to 25 ppm in black and up to 17 ppm in color, and a beautiful 4" x 6" borderless print takes only 36 seconds. It also features a new drive system that not only improves speed but reduces noise. Want to simplify your photo printing? Simply connect any PictBridge compatible digital camera or DV camcorder, and print. It's that fast and easy!

    Download Owner Manual Canon PIXMA iP5000 Manual
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    Epson TM P60 Owner Manual

     Epson TM P60 Owner Manual
    Based on Epson's largest selling thermal printer, the TM-T88 and with an industry-leading 12 hour battery ball game and, the TM-P60 provides continuous thermal printing on the experiment throughout an plenary shift without a recharge. It also supports write down widths up to 54mm.  The Epson TM-P60 combines all the features of Epson's best-selling TM-T88 snug POS printer suppress industry-standard wireless cards, pipe dream protocols and drivers whence that it's directly compatible with retailers' existing applications. Incorporating glowing printing technology, it offers low livelihood costs and high reliability.  Ideally commodious for for betterment in retail and hospitality due to its excellent and compacted design, the TM-P60 is also designed to outlive drops and repel spills connections busy kitchen, counter, and tableside environments. With assistance for industry-standard 802.11b and Bluetooth(TM) compacted understanding (CF) wireless cards, the TM-P60 provides retailers with open significance second and high reliability at the lowest total cost of process in its class. 

    The EPSON TM-P60 nitty-gritty at a glance

    • Compatible plant EPSON TM-T88III applications (ESC/POS, OPOS, JavaPOS)
    • Approx. 250 accumulation per recharge (symbolic use)
    • Print aid up to 70 mm/sec.
    • Barcode printing
    • One-handed gratis further battery replacement
    • Integrated autocutter (concerned cut)
    • Robust casing: survives cascade of up to 120 cm
    • Spray and dust immune
    • 58 or 60 mm paper widths, length breadth 51 mm
    • 35/42/52 characters per field (58 mm paper)
    • Integrated alarm warns when embarkation radio range
    • Paper and cover sensors
    • Non-volatile memory (384 KB) to noddy logos and graphics
    • Integrated RS-232 and 802.11b interfaces
    • Compatible with unitary leading operating systems
    • Integrated aliment counter (lines, cuts, hours)
    • Also included: PS-10 competence supply, LIP-2500 lithium ion battery pack
    • Optional accessories: quick charge unit, spare salvo pack, serial cable
    • Wireless LAN memoir available as of August 2004
    • Bluetooth version available as of December 2004
    Download Owner Manual
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    Problem with hp designjet 750c

    following problems hp designjet 750c

    - Cutter cuts initial cut after power up but fails thereafter.
    - Check cartridge path" error after overhaul, replaced belt and general clean. Carraige runs smooth when handled, when powered up up moves then juddersand gives the error message. Is this a problem with the encoder strip?
    - 2 plotters with errors pointing towards friction on carriage path although they are both running smoothly on rails. Both sets of rails have been lubricated.

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    Canon PIXMA iP6310D Owner Manual

      Canon PIXMA iP6310D Owner Manual Want to print esteemed photos,
    at last keep things mediocre? This is the adjust machine. Its patented
    print head technology and six ink colors produce beautiful, long-lasting
    photos with vivid color and characterize. Plus, you can create photos
    directly from selfsame thought cards and digital cameras camouflage
    automatic adjustments since face brightening besides red-eye, as capital
    — and even from Bluetooth devices using our gratuitous adapter.

    Download Owner Manual  Canon PIXMA iP6310D Owner Manual
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    Canon PIXMA iP90 Owner Manual

    Canon PIXMA iP90 Owner Manual Printer delivers exceptional performance at home or on the drawing near. This compact printer can produce development to 16 ppm in raven and up to 12 ppm in color1, term achieving a oracle of up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi2. Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses a high-performance 1,088-nozzle indite head that ejects precise and consistent droplets as small now 2 picoliters ensconce remarkable accuracy.

    Your results: effective resolution and dramatic transmit on graphics and photos, wherever you're printing from. In a hotel room or a home office, the iP90 printer goes practically anywhere, yielding good-looking output on exhaustive your projects. Reports and memos bequeath beholding clean and professional with bold, frozen words. Using the included Canon Easy-WebPrint3 software, Web pages are automatically formatted, so they'll print properly reserve full color besides absent embellishment off the right-hand rein.

    You responsibility further earn 4 x 6, 5 x 7 further 8.5 smack 11 in. borderless prints, with stunning edge-to-edge quality again razor-sharp chronicle. In only about 51 seconds1 you can print a 4" x 6" photo with the look and aura of a routine photograph. And as convenience, you can connect any PictBridge close digital camera or DV camcorder directly to the iP90 printer also print photos-no PC required! Download Owner Manual
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    Canon PIXMA iP5200 Owner Manual

    Canon PIXMA iP5200 Owner Manual - Looking for an unbeatable combination of blazing speed and high resolution? The PIXMA iP5200 Photo Printer can produce a beautiful photo lab quality 4" x 6" borderless print in about 36 seconds. Plus, its USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface enables the fastest photo transfers possible from your computer2. This is one super-charged printer.
    Exceptional performance doesn't stop there. The iP5200 photo printer delivers an amazing resolution of up to 9600 x 2400 color dpi, for detail and clarity unmatched by comparable printers.

    To achieve this, Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses a next-generation 3,584-nozzle print head that ejects precise, consistent droplets as small as 1 picoliter. Your images will be smooth and virtually grain-free. Also, the ContrastPLUS 5-color ink system - four dye-based inks and a pigment-based black ink - produces true-life photos with a wide color palette, along with laser-quality text.

    Want to print directly from your PictBridge compatible digital camera or DV camcorder? It does that, too - just connect and print! This PC-free process saves time and eliminates the need to be tied to your computer. And if needed, the iP5200 photo printer will even brighten subjects' faces automatically, for better results when printing direct.

    Download Owner Manual
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    Sharp FO 2081 page count

    To see the total printed page count for a Sharp FO-2081 fax machine:

    - Make sure the machine is in Copy mode.  (The light next to "Copy" should be lit up.)  If its not, press the button beneath the list of functions (Copy, Fax, etc.) until "Copy" is the selected function.
    - Press the Menu button.
    - Press 3.  The total page count will be displayed on the screen.
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    Software Resetter for Printer Canon Pixma ip2770

    Canon iP2770 is newest all-in-one canon printer that designed for Home and small office user can print with maximal resolution up to 4800×1200 dpi. This canon printer using cartridge type PG-810, CL-811 (PG-810XL, CL811XL Optional) and using Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface to connected to computer.

    Canon Pixma iP 2770 support for Windows 2000 (SP4 only), Win XP, Vista
    and Windows 7 and also support for MAC OS: Macintosh OS X 10.4.11 –

    Here the tutorial reset for Canon ip2770 (Click the picture below to
    view the tutorial – the tutorial are is English and Thai language)

    Software Resetter for Printer Canon Pixma ip2770 and Tutorial

    Download Software Resetter for Printer Canon Pixma ip2770 and Tutorial from link below:

    tutorial | resetter
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    Canon PIXMA MP476 All in one Inkjet Printer

    The Canon PIXMA MP476 uses the same basic design as the PIXMA MP510. The black-and-silver body measures 451 x 353 x 169mm. The silver scanner lid conceals an A4-size flatbed scanner. Because the MP476 lacks an automatic document feeder, you cant scan legal-size documents.
    The paper handling system is simple. A paper input support flips open in the rear and the front panel of the printer folds open to serve as the output tray. Next to the output tray is a small door that conceals two memory card slots. The slots accept most common types of memory cards, though some require an adapter (which is not included).

    Hidden away under the memory cards is a PictBridge-enabled USB port (its so hidden that we missed it on first inspection). You can use it to connect PictBridge cameras for direct printing, or to attach an optional Bluetooth adapter (sold separately) for wireless printing. The one thing you cant attach to the USB port is a flash thumbdrive; the Dell Photo 926 lets you print files from an attached flash drive.

    The control panel is hidden underneath a flip-up panel on the top side of the printer. Embedded on the underside of the panel is a 1.8-inch graphical LCD. The control panel is basic, though well-organized. Buttons include task buttons for copy, scan, and memory card modes, menu navigation buttons, and two start buttons--one for black-only and one for color.

    The PIXMA MP476 uses a two-tank ink system: One black and one tri-color. It ships with regular capacity cartridges, but you can replace both with high-capacity versions.
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    Ricoh Aficio MP C3000 MP C2500 MP C2000 configuration page

    To print a configuration page from a Ricoh C3000, C2500, or C2000 copier with printing capability:

    - Press the User Tools/Counter button
    - On the touch screen, select Printer Features
    - Select Configuration Page
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    Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500 User guide

    Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500 User Guide Owners Manual
    contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting,
    configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions
    the Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500 cell phone. Table content Getting
    Started Setting Up Your Phone

    Charging a Battery Switching the Phone On
    or Off Locking and Unlocking the Touch Screen Setting up your Phone
    Creating a New Google Account Retrieving your Google Account Password
    Setting Up Your Voice Mail Understanding Your Phone Features

    Standby and Talk Time Warranty Information Standard Limited Warranty End User License Agreement for Software Index. Download Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500 User Manual here
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    NRG configuration pages

    In general, NRG copiers are the same as Ricoh copiers, just branded differently.  If you know your NRG copiers model number, you can look it up on Ricohs model cross reference table to find the Ricoh model number, and with the Ricoh model number you can find the configuration page instructions.  For example, an NRG DSm675 is comparable to a Ricoh Aficio 2075.
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    Samsung CLP-300 Error cause dirty with dust

    1- turn off and remove power cable;
    2- remove paper drawer;
    3- remove image unit - don not let it under sun light. cover it.
    4- put the printer upside down;
    5- look at the axle of the big central rubber roller:

    5.1- you will see both sides have a plastic balancer and locker.
    5.2- left one has a small "finger" that locks it from slide.
    take your cellphone and do a photo of the present position of the axle
    and the pieces as you will need to remember it after.

    6-light and carefully, lift this small finger from the axle and slide the locker half inch to the center;
    after this, you have the axlee in a so so free way. You can move
    (rotate) it, if you lift and free the inside gear at left end;
    8- at
    the central drumm, there is two locks, one each side. If you release
    them, you can remove a type of a plastic shell with the rubber belt
    attached to.
    8.1- to unlock the shell you need to rotate the axle and
    position the locks in a convenient way. So, rotate it again, and so,
    remove the shell.
    9-I removed the rubber belt, washed it with water only.
    repositioning the belt on the shell, observe it and put in a different
    position, as the slick area fits inside the shell, so a new surface is
    10- mount it a reverse order.
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    HP Color LaserJet CP4025 configuration page

    To print a config page from the Color LaserJet CP4025:

    - Press the down arrow button until "INFORMATION" appears on the screen.
    - Press the OK button.
    - Press the down arrow button until "PRINT CONFIGURATION" is displayed.
    - Press the OK button.
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    Ricoh Aficio 550 650 page count

    To view the total page count for a Ricoh 550 or 650 copier, press the User Tools/Counter button and then select Counter on the screen.
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    Lexmark C520

    Having a slow printing pace at the work can really hamper productivity. There are simply too many features required for good quality printing and the older models of laser printers available are cheap but they certainly do not offer much in relation to modern styles of document production. The series of larger printers available in the market do offer a lot of features but they are too big anyway and cost too much for comfort of smaller businesses. I did some research and found out that the Lexmark C520 series laser printers function quite well for small and big time printing work with a lower initial investment and great quality results.

    The Lexmark C520 series offers a range of makes with slightly different features to cater for different printing requirements. All the printers in the series I have used so far promise a color and black printing speed of 20 pages per minute but the actual printing speed is slightly less than that but it’s pretty okay overall. The functioning of the C520 series printers is pretty smooth, with special features to prevent paper jams (the bane of office printing). Toners tend to last longer than usual, which helps in cutting down on printing costs as an added bonus.

    The printers in the C520 series provide networking ports. I find it quite convenient to share the printer over a network at my office so all my employees have access. The hardware and software installation is pretty simple. On average, it would take you fifteen minutes to get the printer to run after taking it out of the box. The software is easy to use even for the most non-technical individuals. The Imagequick function is a unique feature that enables you to get web pages printed in automated fashion. There is a more than sufficient capacity in the paper trays. The image quality for color prints and high-quality photos is quite good.

    Across the range available in the Lexmark C520 series there are makes that are suitable for all types of users. The series has a solution for anything from small workgroups to larger offices. I found out that if I bought a printer with almost the same features in many other series, it would cost much more. Although you can check this up, one reason I recommend C520 series printers is due to the cheaper cost involved. Lexmark C520 Series has all you need for your color laser printing at the office.
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    Sharp FO 4400 config page

    The config page on a Sharp FO-4400 fax machine is called an optional setting list.  It shows the customizable settings for the machine and how its configured.  To print the optional setting list:

    - Press the Menu button
    - Press 2 for "Listing Mode"
    - Press 05 for "Optional Setting List"
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    HP LaserJet 4

    I used a HP LaserJet 4 for years to print out satellite images for weather prediction when I was in the Air Force. It was typical defense department procurement. Buy something solid, almost bulletproof, that does a good job and will last forever. Well I personally used the LaserJet 4 for almost four years, and I know it’s still going now.

    That makes it at least five years old, and still going strong. When I used it, it was reasonably fast, reliable and produced great quality prints. While you wouldn’t imagine a laser printer would be the best tool for printing images, it did really well. I think the choice came down to cost rather than capability, but fortunately the printer didn’t let me down.

    As you can image, satellite photos can be quite detailed and offer a challenge for any printer, laser or otherwise. The LaserJet 4 coped admirably and handled every kind of imagery we could throw at it. We also had an inkjet printer, but that seemed to use up half an ink pod every time it printed, and wasn’t much more detailed that the LaserJet 4.

    While not really considered portable, it came out with us on exercise and coped with that well. I don’t know what the environmental tolerances are, but it coped with a Colorado winter, a Chesapeake wind and the Nevada sunshine quite well, without any real hitches. Although we did have to strip it down and clean it up once we got back from the desert.

    The LaserJet 4 isn’t the fastest printer in the world, at 12 pages a minute, but considering most printers can’t print images that fast, but this can, it’s the great equalizer. Even the newer printers we got couldn’t print the overheads as quickly or as reliably as the LaserJet 4.

    I’m no office boy, but looking after the printer was a breeze. The toner was an all in one and lasted 6800 pages before it ran out. Although we never got that many because of the type of printing we did, we still only had to change them about once a month. It was merely a case of open her up, unclip the old and in with the new. No messing around.

    The LaserJet 4 has a special place in my heart for making my time with the Air Force a pleasure. While the weather isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, it is mine, and having a solid device that did as it was told every day made my life so much easier.
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    HP Color LaserJet CP1215 supplies status page

    To print a supplies status page from the CP1215, hold down the green Resume button for about four or five seconds.  The configuration page will print out first, followed by the supplies status page.
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    HP LaserJet 4300

    I operate a small enterprise and it is very crucial to meet the customer’s demands without delay. In order to do that, minor things like printouts, copies, and faxes play a vital role. In my business printing is a daily requirement and there is absolutely no measure of loss that we can be subject to if our orders get delayed due to slow printouts. For that matter it was extremely important that I used such a printing machine at my work place which was not only fast but also had a great space for storing paper so that I wouldn’t have to refill the tray all the time.

    The HP LaserJet 4300 has proven to be one such machine as it comes with easy installation and configuration and convenient driver options, which make it easy to be used by all kinds of users and workers. A product of Hewlett Packard, this laser printer requires monochromatic cartridges for taking black and white prints for your requirements at a tremendous speed of up to 45 papers per minute. It is not slow even at start up and once the command is in, the print starts coming out from the other end in as quickly as 9 seconds.

    If your document has pictures, graphs and diagrams or simply text in it, the HP LaserJet 4300 with its 1200dpi resolution, produces clear and sharp black and white images keeping the paper straight and crisp. The paper tray has a capacity to store as many as 600 papers without folding them around the edges. Its 64 MB extendable memory allows large documents to be printed more quickly than many other similar printers.

    Whether you want to have your document printed on envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, cards, bond paper or recycled paper, the HP LaserJet 4300 proves to be extremely suitable for all paper types. This wired printer works well with practically any computer system including apple, Windows XP or 2000. After buying the basic machine at such a reasonable price, you can maximize your printer’s functions through adding accessories which help with auto duplexing and stapling etc.

    The HP LaserJet 4300 is the ultimate choice for users who want to optimally utilize their time by achieving as fast printing as they possibly can. At an affordable price, this printer ensures the print outs are satisfactory for the users and offers them an easy, less annoying and comfortable printing experience.
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    Sharp FO 4650 config page

    On the FO-4650 fax machine, you cant print out a "true" configuration page, but you can print an optional setting list.  The optional setting list shows many of the machines current settings.  To print this list:

    - Press the Function button.
    - Press 2 for "Listing Mode."
    - Press 6 for "Opt. Setting List."
    - Press the Start button.
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    HP LaserJet 5si configuration page

    The configuration page for a LaserJet 5si, like many HP config pages, includes the printers page count, serial number, error log, and network settings.  To print the config page:

    - Press and release the Menu button until "TEST MENU" appears on the display screen.
    - Press and release the Items button until "PCL CONFIGURATION PAGE" appears on the screen.
    - Press the Select button.
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    HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP usage page

    The usage page for the CM2320fxi shows the printers page count, as well as page counts broken down by functions.  To print the usage page:

    - Press the Setup button
    - Scroll down until "Reports" is the highlighted option
    - Press the OK button
    - Scroll down until "Usage Page" is the highlighted option
    - Press the OK button
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    HP LaserJet 4100

    Being a Personal Assistant, getting print-outs is a part of my daily duties. Whether it is for external or office use, the quality of prints matters as much as the speed. Therefore the printer that was the most suitable for our workplace was one which not only provided good quality and sharp prints but was also fast and had a relatively large capacity.

    The HP LaserJet 4100 perfectly fit in our workplace printer needs. The various characteristics of this printer include “printer management” features along with the ability to provide high speed, reliability and quality output. This jet printer by Hewlett Packard is one of the most popular ones amongst its customers. HP LaserJet 4100 is a work group printer available in medium size and is developed to cater to multiple users at one time.

    Most HP Web Jetadmin owners have termed it as smart due to its unique print management features. Through HP Web Jetadmin, the server internally built in the machine connects the computer system to the printer directly whenever needed. This greatly facilitates the printing process by managing all print commands and procedures.

    Another plus point of the HP LaserJet 4100 printers is the internal web server that constantly pours in printer management updates and sends email alerts to the networked users. Besides this unique feature, this printer is extremely spacious and has a paper tray that can store up to 500 legal papers, letters, A4 and A5 and many other types and sizes of papers. The tray keeps the papers straight and after a command is given, they come out crisp with a perfect and sharp print of the text, picture, diagrams and graphs and the like.

    The HP LaserJet 4100 is a monochrome printer and takes black and white prints of any given document. The cartridges have a separate compartment that prevents any interference or hindrance while printing.

    The HP LaserJet 4100 also has an IR receiver that allows taking prints via wireless input sources. In addition, if anything goes wrong or if you are at loss on how to best use it, its two line LCD display elaborately instructs the user for optimal operation.

    This is a printer which combines perfection and affordability to realize the idea of an ultimate laser printer for a vast range of customers.
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    HP Color LaserJet CP1215

    If you want simple, no-nonsense laser printing, with color, then the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 might be just what you’re looking for. While marketed at workgroups, the lack of networking and limited capabilities might limit its appeal. As a SOHO or single user printer though, it’s excellent.

    The CP1215 is simple to look at, no LCD screen, control panel or paper trays to look at, no duplexer or document feeder to spoil the smooth lines either. This is a smooth, sleek looking printer for the design conscious rather than heavy print user. The printer measures 15.7” x 10” x 20” and weighs 38.9 pounds, which is considerably lighter than most laser printers. This makes it almost, but not quite a desktop printer.

    Paper and toner access is through a couple of drawers at the front. From the top down, there is the output tray, toner drawer, and input tray at the bottom, which can hold up to 150 sheets of paper. That is one of the reasons this is better as a SOHO printer, who wants to be refilling paper all day?

    Connection is via USB, which makes connection easy, as well as simple to install drivers and the tools. The HP software isn’t Mac compatible, so if you use them, look elsewhere. Windows users can sit back and relax as the installer takes care of everything for you. There is a simple document with the printer to aid installation, and while installing the drivers, there is a guide that helps you as you go.

    The starter toners are a little cheeky, but nothing other manufacturers don’t do. Replacements are readily available from places like for considerably less that retail. The black will last a good 2200, while the color will manage 1400. While this doesn’t sound like much, consider the monthly duty cycle for this printer is a mere 1000 sheets.

    So as you can see, while marketed at workgroups, only single users or SOHO users will be able to use the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 effectively. This is a solid printer that produces decent quality prints at a reasonable cost. It’s an excellent buy for low volume print needs and people who want a no-nonsense printer that just works.
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    Samsung ML 1865W Printer Review

    The Samsung ML-1865W is the perfect printer for a home or small business. So if you are someone who needs a printer to fit into either of those two settings, then this is the one for you. The ML-1865W is a great machine. It provides high quality copies, takes up very minimal space on your table or desk, and it will cost you very little in comparison to other printers out there. Choose this printer and you won’t go wrong!

    One of the best features of the Samsung ML-1865W is that it can be stored easily pretty much anywhere you need it to go. It may be on the smaller side, but this little printer packs a lot of power.  The printer engine of this machine offers exceptionally high quality with 1200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution. Printouts will look top notch, which is extremely important, especially in a business setting where you will be handing out documents to your clients. The text and images on your printouts will be dark, clear, and solid, with no toner marks left behind like you get with some other printers. It’s one of the highest qualities you can hope for. This printer also comes with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning it will be easy for users to print quickly from anywhere. If you’re not looking  for this option, then another non-Wi-Fi version is available for purchase instead, so you have choices. Installation of this machine is easy in all aspects. With this printer, you won’t be pulling your hair out while trying to set it up. The 700 page starter cartridge comes already installed. Also, the printer can easily be set up by loading the driver disk onto your computer. You just need to be sure that you have read the user manual to be positive that it is being set up in the correct way. Then you will simply be able to plug in the USB cable and get started. You will have to purchase paper and toner cartridges when they run out, but that won’t be often, and the cost per page isn’t a whole lot. Overall, anyone without a lot of extra space will be satisfied with this small, yet powerful printer. This machine produces outstanding quality prints all at an incredibly affordable price. You can’t go wrong with that!

    The Samsung ML-1865W only has one downside, and that’s the fact that you might encounter some paper jams once in awhile. Considering that this is a problem among all printers though, it’s not one that you should be too concerned about. A bunch of great features outweighs one negative thing that might happen, but then again might not. Overall, this printer is a high quality one, perfect for all your printing needs. 
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    OkiData CX2032 MFP

    Multifunction printers are a great invention. Four devices with the running costs and footprint of one. Ideal for the new, small or home office as they are compact, cost-effective and can do the job of four machines in one convenient chassis.

    The OkiData CX2032 MFP is one such device, and one of the few multifunctions that Oki produces. The size is average for a multifunction device, measuring 19.7 inches wide, 23.6 inches deep and 26.4 inches high. This is larger than a standalone printer, but pretty good for a multifunction.

    Print quality is exactly what you have come to expect from Oki. Crisp, precise prints, with clean edges on text and images alike. Our test document pushes a printer to the limit, but we are pleased to say the CX2032 passed with flying colors. Toner spread was even and detailed enough even the most demanding users. Mono prints are produced at an average of 32 pages per minute for mono and 20 for color, so there will be no hanging around, even for documents as good quality as these.

    The user manual is easy to follow and will have users of all abilities up and running in no time at all. There is even a piece of Velcro on the back so you can attach it to the printer.

    If you want a standalone printer, copier, fax and scanner, this is all the machine you need. If you want to use it in conjunction with a computer, you just need to install the drivers and connect the CX2032 to a computer. You can do that by using USB, parallel or network cables. Each are supported, and each is easy to get working properly.

    The control panel is clear and easy to use, with different buttons for each different function. This is great for ease of use, as each area has a distinct function. There shouldn’t be too much hunting around for the right key once you get used to it.

    Overall the CX2032 is a no-frills multifunction device for those who like speed and quality all in one. It is a reliable performer, has the Oki guarantee of quality which won’t let you down. Consumables last a decent amount of time and won’t cost the earth. A good bet if you find yourself in the market for a quality multifunction.
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    Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450

    The Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 is an ideal printer for customers searching for graphics rich document printers that can handle 9600 x 600 dpi resolutions. This high performance machine can produce excellent quality color print results with an impressively high speed.

    The Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 is a perfect solution for all your official needs and provides the ultimate in speed, reliability and quality. The high performance Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 has the capacity to produce the quality documents with the help of the 733Mhz G4 processor and custom acceleration hardware. The device can be used to print up to 24 letter size pages per minute in black and white as well as color print. The machine possesses advanced and unique performance functions including the 4 digit pin protected document printing and storage and direct printing of files. This advanced color printing feature enables the business employees to print their documents quickly and efficiently.

    The reliable and durable printer has the unique Konica Minolta enhanced automatic image density control system that makes sure about the consistent color on each print or task throughout the use of the machine. Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 comes with inbuilt 40GB hard disk drive and 768MB of RAM and allows professionals to perform printing tasks using the unique features of the machine. The printer is well designed with the purpose of increasing the users productivity and quality of work and also allowing them to fulfill their requirements within less time.

    The machine is simple and easy to use and set up and just requires inserting the cartridge and connecting the accessories properly to make it work. The Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 provides flexible emulations including SWOP, eurocolor, commercial press, DIC, Toyo and SNAP. The excellent features of the printer allow it to easily handle the any kind of job whether small or large and the CMYK gray feature now enables you to print non text black objects for better results.

    The software requirements for the Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 are Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Apple Mac OS X10.2, SuSE Linux 8.2, Microsoft windows server 2003, Red Hat Linux 9, Microsoft windows 98 SE/2000/ME/XP and Apple Mac OS 9. The total media capacity of the printer is 350 sheets and the media types include the envelopes, plain paper, labels, transparencies, glossy paper, postal card, banners and even recycled paper. The Konica Minolta MagiColor 7450 is ideal for customers searching for the ultimate quality, speed and reliable printer.
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    Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d – Advantages and drawbacks

    Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d is a 4 in one unit that will do all your office needs. If you are looking for a multifunctional device that can be fax, printer, scanner and copier in the same time, with a high printing speed, high scanning resolution and much other stuff, Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d is the perfect choice. It is able to print at a resolution of 1200 x 600 dots per inch, the printing speed is 23 pages per minute and 11 pages per minute two sided pages and it has auto duplexing feature. All these from above will give you the best results.

    The printing speed is 23 pages per mite while printing one sided pages and 11 pages per minute while printing two sided pages. The fax modem has a speed of 33.6 Kbps and due to this fact, it is able to transmit faxed pages with a speed of 20 ppm. It can create up to 99 single sided pages with the 23 ppm speed.
    Also, the warming time is very low. It is able to start printing within less than 9 seconds, at full speed.

    The paper tray is able to hold 250 sheets and it has a multipurpose flip tray where you can place the transparencies, envelopes and you need to be printed. The native resolution is 600 x 600 dots per inch, and the maximum is 1200 x 600 dpi. The resolution is very high, so the printing quality is high. The texts are sharp and it can even do graphics in black and white very well.

    The scanning resolution is 9600 x 9600 dots per inch and even though it is a monochrome device the scanning is 24 bits quality. The fax memory can hold up to 256 faxed pages, so you will know that all the data are kept safe.

    It cannot scan 8.5 x 14 inches legal sized pages. Canon should do this because it would be very useful. Also, the 250 sheet tray limit you whatever you would want to do. Because it can hold a low amount of pages, you will be forced to refill with paper every time you will have a large printing job. The 250 sheet tray capacity seems inadequate for our today’s printing needs, especially when we talk about office printing jobs. It could be enough for a home user, but for an office it wouldn’t. However, even home usage would require a higher paper tray.

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    Brother IntelliFax 1960C user settings list

    To print the user settings list from an IntelliFax 1960C (Brothers version of a config page):

    - Press the Menu button
    - Press 4 for Print Reports
    - Press 4 for User Settings
    - Press Start
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    Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 MP 7502 MP 9002 configuration page

    A Ricoh config page shows a lot of information about the printer, including network settings, page count, and some hardware specs.  To print the configuration page from an MP 6002, 7502, or 9002 with printing capability:

    - Press the User Tools/Counter button
    - On the screen, select Printer Features
    - Select Configuration Page
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    Sharp FO 5700 config page

    The closest thing to a configuration page most Sharp fax machines will print out is an optional setting list.  To print the optional setting list from an FO-5700:

    - Press the Function button
    - Press 2 for "Listing Mode"
    - Press 06 for "Opt. Setting List"
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    Ricoh Fax 4420L page count

    To see the total page count on a 4420L fax machine, press the User Tools button.  "1. Counter" will be displayed on the screen; press OK to select it.  The transmission page count ("TX Pages") will appear first, but you can view the other page counts by scrolling left or right through the list.
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    Xerox WorkCentre XD100 2 in 1

    OVERVIEW: The Xerox WorkCentre XD100 is a desktop multifunction laser printer and copier for making single-sided B&W images in resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi.


    The XD100 uses a stationary 8½” x 14” platen for scanning instead of a sliding platform to keep its footprint no bigger than its physical size. Smaller than the Xerox’s XC line, the 41-pound XD100’s recessed output tray brings the overall footprint of the multi-function down to only 20½” x18”.

    The control panel on the XD100 has been redesigned but still straightforward, with indicators and keys for intuitive control and conditions of the copier. To isolate an error, locate an empty tray, or paper jam, the panel includes a diagram of the copier with LED indicators to indicate the area that requires attention.

    The XD100 has a paper tray capable of holding up to 250 sheets paper. Paper sizes range from 5½” x 8½”, to legal size with bond weights varying from 15# to 24# in the main tray. The side of the copier has a multi-purpose slot for single transparencies, labels, post cards, and envelopes. Copiers of this type tend to be very sensitive and jam with paper that has been previously opened and sitting in a humid environment. You also might want to avoid the thinner, cheaper copier papers.

    Up to 100 one-sided copies can be made of a single-sided original, with copying speeds at 10 pages per minute. A step up from the XC series, copies can be adjusted from 50% to 200% of the original, in 1% increments or in 6 jumps. Copy quality can be set either manually, automatic adjustment of contrast, text or photo priority. The Toner Save feature is best used for draft copies and not for anything you want to distribute.

    There’s nothing more frustrating than when you rush to a copier to make a single copy only to realize you’re getting 25 enlarged copies because the previous user forgot to reset the settings (also known as “Leaving the toilet seat up”). Fortunately, Xerox realized this and the XD100 will reset all setting to it programmed defaults after 1 minute of inactivity.

    As a printer, the XD100 connects to your Wintel machine through a parallel cable. Having a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, the XD100 prints decent monochrome text and graphics. The resolution isn’t the best for detailed B&W photos.

    Compared to new multi-functions, this 1999 model uses considerably less power. In standby the XD100 only consumes only 20 watts of power, compared to today’s copiers and printers.


    The hinged lid is the most abused part of these desktop units. Most people when copying a book press the lid down to flatten the book, unaware that the lid is designed to be removed. Putting a simple warning label on the lid could reduce the number of broken hinges.

    Compared to today’s copiers and printers, the XD100 shows its age with a slow 10 pages per minute copy speed and 8 ppm in printer mode. While 10 ppm B&W prints were impressive in the 1990’s, today’s color inkjets and lasers have twice the XD100’s speed.

    To use the printer portion of the WorkCentre XD requires having a computer with a parallel port. Since parallel ports are becoming rare as more motherboard manufacturers have switched to replacing this port with a couple of USB ports, most AMD/Intel computers won’t be able to connect to an XD model without using a USB-to-Parallel adapter, an additional $25 expense with software that can allow Macs to use the XD as well.


    The toner and drum are separate items to cut down on replacement costs. The side and front panels must be opened to gain access to the toner and drum cartridges. The toner has a 6,000-page yield with 5% ink coverage. The drum will need replacing after every third toner or every 18,000 copies.

    During the course of changing toner people often forget to keep track when it’s time to change the drum. Combo-packages are available that offer the drum with several toners. By the time the toners are consumed, the remaining drum is replaced. These combo-packages make maintenance easier and increases overall longevity and print quality.
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    Lanier LD 135

    The Lanier LD-135 isn’t the smallest multifunction in the world but it does the work of four separate devices so it isn’t too bad. This is a full-on medium to large workgroup machine that will satisfy even the most demanding workloads. It has quite a large footprint, especially when you have the optional paper finishers installed.

    The quality of the prints and copies is a highlight of this machine. You can do as much faxing and scanning as you like, printing and copying are still the bread and butter of these devices. Our company doesn’t print many photographs, but when we do, the LD-135 delivers. The toner spread is even and accurate, with white areas staying white, edges staying sharp and text being printed precisely and neatly.

    Our average daily use is around 1-2000 prints, mainly text, legal sized, single sided sheets. The LD-135 prints these at about 35 pages per minute. With the first print appearing after only a couple of seconds. The prints are good quality and are used both internally and externally.

    Copying is about the same, the quality is good, and it’s pretty quick too. You can also do it all from the desktop so there is hardly ever a queue for it. The software allows quite a bit of manipulation of the documents before we print them, allowing us to make sure everything is spot on before printing to paper and wasting it.

    The standard model came with 4 250 sheet paper drawers, with the option of more if you need them. There is also an automatic duplexer and the option to add bypass trays, document finishers, and another large capacity paper tray if you need to.

    The touch screen control panel is all we would ever need, although you can control it over the network too. The menu is easy to read, and pretty logical when using it. The large blue LCD screen is perfectly easy to use, and the menu system is clear and simple.

    Faxing is easy, the dial is on the control panel, or you can fax from your desktop. That feature is nice as it prevents a queue if someone is printing or scanning something. You can also queue faxes and have the machine forward incoming faxes to particular people. As an administrator, that makes my job much easier.

    I wasn’t sure if I would like the LD-135 or not. It is a big machine, and a new brand name for me. I have no problems working with it now I know it. It’s easy to manage, toner is cheap and it’s built to last forever. What more do you need?
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    HP Officejet 4500 Manual User Guide

    Get the professional impress peculiarity you need for a low require to be paid or undergone per boy-servant. Bring into view abstain from food-drying documents, using papers with the ColorLok logo, and impress vanish-resistant documents. Get borderless typography when you bring into view documents, brochures, flyers and other materials. Stay joined and easily distribute funds, using built-in Ethernet networking. Get four-in-one functionality for an affordable cost. Combine your all-in-one directly to a computer, using the included Hi-Make haste USB 2.0 roadstead.

    Gainings more efficiencies, using the 20-boy-servant self-moving writing feeder. Impress and transcript documents nimbly - up to 28 ppm atramentous and 22 ppm shade. Easily taking captive documents and other materials and keep them to a interlacement, using stirring scanning features. Nimbly hurl and obtain faxes, and take superior situation or condition of fax features that can help you stay fertile. Restore wasted writing by typography only the contented you want, using HP lancinating pain web typography. Keep efficacy and impress more responsibly, using an all-in-one that is Efficacy Heavenly body modified. Get unrestrained and light recycling - cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners are recycled responsibly. Keep on writing, using the included junk-fax blocker on this HP Officejet all-in-one. HP Officejet 4500 Manual User Guide
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    Samsung B7722 User Guide Owners Manual

    Samsung B7722 User Guide Owners Manual contains the information you
    need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and
    troubleshooting, operating instructions the SamsungB7722 .

    Table contents of Samsung B7722 Manual
    • Assembling
      Unpack ~ Install the SIM or USIM card and battery ~ Charge the battery ~ Insert a memory card (optional)

    Samsung B7722 User Manual

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