reset the ink take for Canon MX328

Answer to reset the ink take for Canon MX328, persist the maneuver beneath :

1. Disconnection the force telegram
2. Enter it time holding fallen the land fix
3. With the noesis fasten works low, mould twice the "Cancel/Stop" red add
4. Transude the power button
5. The printes turns into a gentle of factory norm...(move for most 10 seconds, utils it says "Idle")
6. Pushing the ">" (close to the "OK" secure) erstwhile."Business Norm 3"
7. Push the "OK" add.
8. Pressing "OK" again for "Without cleaning"
9. A tryout writer instrument produce.
10. Agape the concealment, similar you are roughly to difference the cartridges.
11. Undo the country cable again.
12. Cover out both cartridges.
13. Stuffy the overcompensate.
14. Tie the power telegraph erstwhile again.
15. Recede the printer on.
16. Now fitting put the cartridges wager

Methode 2 :

Ravine Pixma MX328 is one of the Inkjet multifuction (Indication, Interpret, Double, Fax) printer from Canon. Similar pandemic individual of machine, after filled by ink ordinarily ink rase not overladen. At both cases of printer, after ink take vacant, machine cannot be utilized to produce.

Here the Root to correct the ink story for Canon Pixma MX328 analyse this steps to reset the ink train in your canon MX328.

1. Switch off the Canon MX328 and disparity the land wire.
2. While push and support the land switch, Join the cognition wire to galvanic socket.
3. Spell imperative the state switch, weightlifting the "Cancel/Stop" secure (red button).
4. Now relinquish the commonwealth add and the machine turns into a forgiving of manufactory modality. Act for 10 seconds until it says "idle".
5. Exercise ">" (close switch) formerly "Conveyance Norm 3? then Counsel the "OK" secure. Advise "OK" again for "without cleaning".
6. A effort diplomat instrument print.
7. Unresolved the insure, suchlike you are about to change the cartridges.
8. Disconnect the commonwealth cablegram again without switch off the printer.
9. Get out the both cartridges.
10. Close the covering.
11. Interact the powerfulness telecasting and channelize on the printer.
12. Now virtuous put the cartridges indorse and the ink raze in the canon Pixma MX300 tally nourished again.
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resetter Epson Stylus 400 printer

resetter  Epson Stylus 400 printer
This procedure is to reset the Epson Stylus 400 printer when are the lights will blink and will not let you print.
Para realizar el reset lo que tiens que hacer es lo siguiente: To perform the reset tiens what to do is the following:

Hay que presionar y mantener apretado el boton de LOAD/EJECT (tomar hoja) y el de Cleaning (limpieza) . We must press and hold the button LOAD / EJECT (take up) and the Cleaning (cleaning).

Mientras mantienes apretados esos botones , tienes que presionar el boton de POWER (encendido) y tenerlo apretado hasta que las luces (ink out – tinta vacia y paper out- falta papel) empiezan a titilar o parpadear. While holding these buttons, you must press the power button (on) and keep it tight until the lights (ink out - empty ink and paper out-out of paper) start to flash or flicker.

Cuadno suceda esto suelta todos los botones. When it has to happen this release all buttons.

Cuando pasen 3 o 4 segundos apreta y mantenlo apretado el boton de CLEANING (limpieza) hasta que las luces que titilaban dejen de hacerlo. When you spend three or four seconds click and hold down the button CLEANING (cleaning) until the lights flickered stop.

YA ESTA!!! NOW THIS! ya quedo lista para usarla!! and am ready to use!

Seria conveniente que cada vez que se haga este procedimiento hacer una limpieza a la esponja interna de la impresora, por que alli deja depositado todo el exceso de tinta de la impresora y podria derramarse. It would be desirable that each time you do this procedure done to clean the sponge inside the printer, because there left on deposit all excess ink from the printer and may spill. Esto no es 100 % necesario pero seria muy bueno que lo hagas. This is not 100% necessary but it would be very good to do so.
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Download HP Photosmart 7520 e All in One Printer Driver software tools and firmware

Download HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer Driver, software, tools, and firmware.

Get Printer Driver,
Product Installation Software,
Latest Firmware,
and Diagnostic Tools.
in the following links below.

Microsoft Windows 8 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows server 2008 w32
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows XP
Mac OS X
Linux os
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Fix Adjustment Program for Epson PM250 PM270 PM215 PM210 and PM G800

Adjustment Program for Epson PM250, PM270, PM215, PM210 and PM-G800

 FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error"

All the free resetter or adjustment program you need to reset or repair the protection counter of your Epson Picture Mate printer. 

You can download the software from download link below:

Download Adjustment Program Epson PM270/ Epson Picture Mate 270
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM250/ Epson Picture Mate 250
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM215/ Epson Picture Mate 215
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM210/ Epson Picture Mate 210
Download Adjustment Program Epson PM-G800/ Epson Picture Mate D800

Instruction Procedure to run the resetter:
Step 1:Open the zip file and locate adjprog.exe and run by double click.

Step 2:click to Accept -> Select Model, Destination, port of your printer.

Step 3:Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.

Step 4:Select "consumables maintainance counter" under maintainance and click ok.

NOTE : You have to replace waste ink pad with new one once you initialize
the protection counter.Otherwise ink can overflow from your printer.

Step 5: Click [Check] button to check current protection counter.

Step 6: Replace waste ink pad with new one.

Step 7: Click [Initialization] to reset current protection counter to "Zero".

Step 8:Click Finish and power off the printer.

Step 9:Power on the printer and your printer is ready to print again.

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How To Fix canon Mp258 Error code 5B00 or p07 with service reset tool

How To Fix canon Mp258 Error code 5B00 or p07

Indications Mp258 P07 Error code 5B00 :
When the printer is turned on will show an error MP258 P07 on the LCD panel 
and the monitor screen will display an error code 5B00.

Know How to Reset Canon Mp258 (P07 Error 5B00):

Turned off MP258 Printer which Error 5B00 or P07.
Press STOP / RESET and hold, then press and hold the POWER button.
While POWER button is pressed, release the STOP / RESET, then press the STOP / RESET 2 times in a state of the power button is pressed.
Release both buttons simultaneously.
MP258 Printer which Error 5B00 or P07 will proceed in a while, then the LCD panel on MP58 will show zero number (0).
The computer will detect a NEW DEVICE, Ignore it
This situation indicates the MP258 printer which Error 5B00 or P07 is in a state SERVICE MODE and ready to reset with software.


Extract MP258 Resetter Files for error 5B00 or P07
Prepare 2 paper in the printer (this is to print at the time the process of resetting)
Run the Resetter for MP258 P07 error 5B00
Click "MAIN", then the printer will proceed, then MP258 will print one page with the words "D = 000.0"
Click the "Clear EEPRsaya".
Then click the "EEPRsaya", and the printer will print the results MP258 Resetter. One of the writing row as follows:
"TPage (COPY TTL = 00 000 = 00 000)"
Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
And the MP258 Printer which Error 5B00 or P07 is ready for use again.
Thats Done...

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PROCEDURE 1: Go Manual to Service mode
1. Take of POWER cable and USB cable.
2. Open printer cover and Push and Hold power button.
3. Put on POWER Cable now.
4. Close the printer cover, release the power button.
5. Turn on printer & printer should be not blinking any more. 

PROCEDURE 2 : With General Reset tool
1. Connect the USB cable & turn on the Printer.

2. Download and Open “General Tools",
3. choose your USB PORT. 
4. Choose and SET DESTINATION–1
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Resetter for Epson Printer without Change Date Setting

At some software resetter or adjustment program for epson need date setting at computer to use the software without error. sometime change date setting in computer very disturb. in fact there are some ways to use software resetter or adjustment program for epson without changing date setting in computer and without error.
Here how :
A. Using bat file or Create bat file
Create one bat file and copy this code. You can use notepad to create it. Place the bat file at the same folder with the adjustment program.
@echo off
echo %date% > currdate.txt
date 11-07-07
rd C:adjust~1 /s/q
start/wait AdjProg.exe
date < currdate.txt
del currdate.txt
rd C:adjust~1 /s/q
Note : replace red font with date setting for adjutment program.
B. Using Date Cracker Software
  • Download and install Date Cracker and run the software.
  • Click Add button, enter program description (example: Resetter Epson C90)
  • Click “…” button the select the adjutment software then click open.
  • Type date setting for the adjustment program in the simulated run date.
  • Click run button to run the software.
Note : All this methods has been tested.
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